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B77. The Wide Mountain

This is one of a series of articles exploring certain key phrases from the original Aura-Soma Student notes. Today's phrase relates to B77. "The wide mountain that appears at the centre of consciousness”  I was immediately struck by the unexpectedness of this sentence. What could it mean? What could this mountain be…?

I did not realise when i started to write this that it would take me on a journey to the doorway of Spirit itself. Here is the story. Quite naturally i started from my own point of view …

Could it be me? 

As i am at the centre of my point of view, I wondered if this mountain could be me? This self  identity around which “my” beliefs, emotions and experiences are arranged? I had to conclude No. The separate self identity is understood to resonate with yellow, not clear. And in any case little “me” is so much smaller than any mountain.

What about the “I”?

How about my greater self then, the soul?. The Tarot image of The Hermit came to my mind The one who retreats to the mountain cave, remembers his deeper soul nature, and shines his light (symbolised by the lantern in his hand) into the world.

But i decided i had to let go of this idea too. The Hermit who retreats to the mountain cave is still not the mountain. He is an illuminated point upon its slopes.  Moreover the soul self is associated with gold - the golden halo, the golden area of the incarnational star, etc. B77 Clear and Magenta displays neither of these colours. This mountain at the centre of consciousness must be something bigger. I had to go deeper ….

Something much bigger

And then an image came to my mind’s eye. I imagined a swirl in thick glass, some kind of density in transparency. This image of a glass brick perhaps gives some idea …


It brought the idea that this mountain at the centre of consciousness could be some kind of density of light. It was dawning upon me that there must be a light, a pure primordial consciousness which existed before any individual forms of creation were created. The point of light buried deep within each of us ultimately comes from the same one pure consciousness. I came to the idea is that this “wide mountain” is a mass of pure, raw consciousness. Buried deep within each being is a speck of this light. It is the purest light of all, and around it have been woven soul and ego identities. Yet this clear light was before all and remains still now. Always present, always pure, at a very deep level of existence. The wide mountain is is not a physical mountain, it is a concentration of light!

The Love of the Source

This idea really fits with the location of B77 in the Tree of Life. B77 is placed in Chokmah, the sphere closest to Kether - which is the Source of all. Of course it makes sense that a mountain of consciousness must be created first before it can be parcelled out into the smaller elements of individual beings. At our deepest level we all carry a spark of light of the divine. B77 expresses that light in its totality.

Let there be Light

Totality of consciousness. What could be bigger than this? Well the position of B77 in Chokmah, one of 4 bottles at the top of right hand pillar of the Tree suggests it is not quite the ultimate source of existence.   It was to be the Magenta in the base fraction that revealed the even deeper dimension present in the B77.

Since the birth of the magenta pomander i have been come to see magenta as something more than just one of the 12 colours in the circle of the Colour Rose. I have come to see it as the living being of the Source. I don't know the words for it, Loving Presence. Active Intelligence… God …  Our deepest truth. The only truth. The active dynamic love which all those devoted to Spirit are ultimately possessed by. It is the living passion of life. I think Vicky Wall knew this being of love and she wanted to show it to us each time she would shine the light of her torch through the Deep Magenta base to reveal the active Rosy Magenta shining there.

This Rosy Magenta is revealed from within the Deep Magenta of B0.  B0 here is especially fitting since it is the B0, The Fool, which connects the Source of Kether with B77 in Chokmah. People who open to this Divine Love in their hearts become as Fools in the world. They are no longer afraid, they speak and act as they are moved. Vicky Wall acted in this way. Rumi, the Sufi mystic, lived it and expressed it through his poetry. Those who marry themselves to Spirit can easily appear as Fools to those of us who still live under fear.

Car wash!

Can B77 help us to live as The Fool? Love living lightly. I can imagine the 77 Clear / Magenta offering a kind of ultimate energetic cleansing / blessing for the soul. The clear of the top fraction addresses all of our chakras simultaneously. The rainbow of our 7 chakras combine as the White Light. The dynamic love of magenta in the base energises, blesses, awakens love in each chakra. 7 for 7. An intense car wash! If we can open to this divine blessing in B77 perhaps the gift is a purification so complete that we are released from all karma. If so this would be the perfect prelude to the final step in the journey of life: the return to Kether and the Source.

The first step out is the last step home.

Vicky Wall departed this Earth in the final days of B77. The birthing of B78 began pretty much as soon as Vicky Wall’s soul left her body. It seems a most wonderful synchronicity that her life story should coincide with this exact point in the Equilibrium story. It suggests to me that this may have been her achievement in these final days. She may have received this final purification of consciousness, released both the yellow and the golden layers of self in order to return her light to the wide mountain of original conscious. In such a case her essence would be perfectly prepared for the final step, surrender into reunion with Spirit which is the gift of B78.

In Vicky's own words

Philosophically speaking such a surrender would take Vicky even beyond the Yellow/Red of her True Aura bottle. All identity must be released in the final letting go. It brings a smile to my face then to see Vicky describe herself in the very first sentence of her story  “The Miracle of Colour Healing”  not as a 5, but as a 77!  The sentence goes  “I was born in London the 7th child of a 7th child.” That is a 7 7 !. And then at the very other end of the book, her final sentence is very 78 ...  “And so i come to the end of this book and cast off the stitches.”  It is a final letting go. That is so interesting -  a 77 to a 78.


I never expected this phrase to take me so deep. Seeing the mountain as “a density of light” was the turning point, I realised this totality of all consciousness existed before all our separate individualities appeared. I also realise it continues to be the greater truth at a deeper level of creation, even right now. I realised that this totality of consciousness made light is the creation of the illuminated Rosy Magenta which is the Source.

As i get to the end of this exploration i realise that my discoveries can be summarised in the phrase “Love and Light made Manifest” which is the keynote of B77.  The truth is though I never understood the depth within this phrase until today.

Finally, for those who wish to go deeper

I did find one other very exciting pattern in the Tree of Life connected to this exploration. It is too much to write about here, but for those who want to master the Tree of Life / Aura-Soma connection I will make it available soon.

© Dominic Yeoman


  1. Thank you Vicki I am glad you found it so simple! As i was discovering the depth behind that simple sentence there were times when i was thinking Oh my God … Some writers say that writing is the way to work things out, i agree. When it can be said simply then it has been understood 🙂