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Numbers in the World: The Ideal 7

James Bond. For many years I have thought that James Bond’s number, 007, was a quiet joke on the part of James Bond’s creator - Ian Fleming. 007 …

Three words. Three colours. 

I came across an internet article today entitled "Three Japanese words that lead to a Happier Life" After reading it a nice colour connection came to my mind. …

B115 and the Gemini Full Moon

B115 was born on the Gemini Full moon. Reflections on Gemini's relationship to Orange and also some notable manifestations of two-ness at this time.

7 Time to Grow

Some thoughts on the Equilibrium B7 Yellow Green combination and the time to grow as an individual

Trump. Blue and Orange in the US election

The position of President is a blue one of leadership and authority. Discover how orange was so important though in Trump's success in being elected....

Yellow and Violet

Talking to a Taiwanese taxi driver led to a useful insight into the dynamic of the yellow violet complementary colours. Find out more ...

Genius of Aura-Soma

Through the unexpected, Aura-Soma reveals itself as a system of genius.

Positive Yellow

The chance creation of a chess board led to a lesson in the positive power of yellow to inspire and uplift.

Numbers and Equilibrium

Equilibrium Journey continues to deepen my understanding of individual bottles while also offering fascinating insights in to the system as a whole. Here is …