What is One to One?

One to One is a private session with Dominic Yeoman, dedicated to your colour and Aura-Soma questions and interests and conducted over the internet using the Skype voice and video service.

  • You decide the subject of the session.
  • You choose the date, time and duration of the session.
  • All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

One to One is a unique opportunity to benefit from Dominic’s expertise, creativity and wealth of experience in the questions that interest you.

Why One to One?

For over 25 years I have been developing my knowledge and skills in the world of Aura-Soma. So far these insights have only been available to those who attend a course with me. But now modern technology has created the opportunity for us to meet and share independent of where we live on the planet.

If you are serious about wishing to grow your knowledge and skills in Aura-Soma, if you want to become a better teacher, a more skilful consultant, or, as a student, understand and integrate the Aura-Soma training more deeply, contact me and lets talk. If I can help I will. If not I will tell you.

One to One is an opportunity of the modern age - a chance to connect and have a face to face conversation that shines light into the subjects that interest you – no matter where you are in the world.

Personal too

One to One Colour Coaching can also be a very helpful support for your personal process. It is a flexible and creative alternative to the full Aura-Soma Consultation. Bring your questions and Dominic will listen sensitively, ask helpful questions and lead you in a process of clarifying and revealing which leads to your own deeper answers.

Here is a testimonial

Coach Dominic

“I.O.U.”  ( I owe you)

After the hour-long session, I was completely stoked (enthusiastic) about our Aura-Soma exploration.  So many questions were covered, but the focus of our conversation on the "value" of receiving a consultation, was priceless.  

The “I” is for Integrity.  You demonstrate a level of integrity I appreciate so much, given the sensitive nature of this subject matter.  

The “O” stands for Openness.  Your ability to discern information, and find the meaning behind the questions is absolutely fascinating.  

The “U” stands for Understanding.  Your non-judgmental way of interpreting what you hear, your listening and intuitive skills are truly amazing!  

I highly recommend you to potential clients and practicing Aura-Soma practitioners looking for a no-nonsense clarity on the Aura-Soma Colour Care System.  Looking forward to our next Skype conversation.

Francesca Durham
Colour Life Coach
Colortime Image Consultant

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Remember,  whatever stage you are at in the Aura-Soma training One to One has something to offer you:


Teaching methods and skills, ideas for presentations and activities, deepening  your understanding of a specific subject in order to present it better to students, I have extensive experience in many areas and am willing to share with you. I have been teaching for more than 20 years, 18 of those years have been with Aura-Soma. I have trained Aura-Soma Teachers, helped to create the Aura-Soma Training structure and also developed many specialist courses on Aura-Soma of my own.  Ask your question and see if I can help

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Practitioners / Consultants

What is your unique style, what are your gifts that add to the session? I can help you find you way…

What do you find most difficult about giving consultations? Client not talking, client talking too much, feeling stuck, inspiration getting blocked, finishing on time, etc. There are tips to help with all these situations and more…

I have been giving consultations since 1986. I have been a part of the evolution of the consultation process, both at Dev Aura and more recently through the consultation skills course I developed and share around the world. Through this experience I have arrived at a way to work with clients that is very harmonious with the key principles of Aura-Soma. It gives the potential for each consultation to be a unique and enriching experience, one centered entirely on the client.

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Would you like to learn more deeply. The Aura-Soma courses are so full that there is little time to consolidate understanding of key subjects or to go deeper into areas of special interest. I have had the privilege to explore and integrate the Aura-Soma information over twenty years. Colour language, numerology, Tree of life and tarot, Masters, Archangels, and much more.  I love to share these ideas with students, be part of helping an idea or subject suddenly make sense, I have had much practice in finding ways to explain. If you would like to understand more deeply I would like to help you. All you need do is choose your subject and contact me.

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