“I just want you to know that in the 16 years I have been going to Dev Aura , these past few days were so different. You gave us all the freedom to be ourselves and to trust in ourselves - thank you your gentle wisdom and understanding.”
Annie – Jersey

“May I say what a wonderful course you have provided for all of us, a truly magical experience – you took us to the very essence of what the consultation is about – simplicity coupled with a dignified and empathic silence within a sacred space. This has been the very best course I have ever attended at Dev Aura!”
Catherine – England

“The Aura Soma consultations I gave since your course touched my clients and me very much. You opened a door for us where out of the silence all important themes can arise. Thank you for this incredible gift!”
Claudia – Germany

“The three days were magical, you are such a gifted teacher. For sharing your knowledge so gently and willingly is such a gift. I have learned so much from you. To be able to hold such a beautiful space is a wonder to me.”
Sheila - Ireland

“I feel I have really come away with greater confidence in my consultation abilities, I really liked the fact that you included so much practical stuff, it has helped me to just dive in and get started with clients instead of worrying about the exact meaning of each bottle. The consultation you demonstrated I found very helpful, it was so simple yet very inspiring, giving me many more tools to work with, for example, giving the client the bottle to hold - including them even more in the consultation process.“
C J - England

“I am always recalling everything I learned from your class. What I experienced in three days really encourage me. I have been enjoying and relaxed in consultation for my friend since then. I think your class made everything that I had learned about Aura-Soma unified. So I am really happy. Thank you so much.”
Ryoko - Japan

“My readings have become much more intuitive since I completed your Practices and Principles course and my clients connect more directly with their bottles. It has also enabled me to do effective readings for myself, which adds to my personal understanding of Aura-Soma.”
Samantha – England

“I had so many deep healing-processes after your wonderful work with us in Hamburg that I want to say thank you again for your very special way of listening your sensitivity and your wish to be helpful!”
C. H. – Germany

“Dominic I really want to thank you so much for the wonderful course. It was both an honour and a pleasure to be there and worth every penny. The first day you asked us to write down what we wanted from the course. I wrote clarity, insight, wisdom and understanding. Well I sure got that! You taught in such a way that made me feel totally relaxed so it was easy to get a greater understanding in everything you were teaching. I have to say it was one of the best courses I have ever attended for Aura Soma. Dominic I am really looking forward to doing more consultations now I have my new tools. You have made it so much easier for me.”
Eve - Jersey

“… with so much love and gratitude for not just a wonderful course, but also for the wonderful way you have taught it. It has touched us all.”
Cathleen - Ireland