Aura-Soma Teaching ValuesPhilosophy

My favourite sentence on teaching is “Teaching is sharing learning.” I remain a student myself in the face of these subjects of colour and Aura-Soma.

It is my privilege to share the joy of my own learning with others.


I place a high value on creating an accepting, allowing, inclusive atmosphere for students. Everyone has value, truth to share, and particularly with colour and Aura-Soma where our life experiences are touched by the course information and our personal growth is a goal of the course.

Other qualities I bring to the classroom include: clarity, playfulness, creativity, sensitivity, responsibility to the subject and patience.

Understanding is important. Although the mind is not the measure of the whole of existence, nevertheless I personally love to understand. To see the “aha” moment as the light of understanding appears over a student’s head is very satisfying. With listening and patience I am willing to take the time to achieve this result.


Each course is a new adventure, a journey. The content of each course – the landscape is very familiar to me, and I know which sights I want to show to the students, but how we get there, and the details we find along the way, these are open possibilities. The excitement of further discoveries keeps courses alive for me, and ensure my love remains engaged in this work.