Aura-Soma Teacher TrainingAre you interested in becoming a teacher of Aura-Soma? Would you like to introduce students to the magic and mystery of this wonderful colour system, share with them its wealth of wisdom and spiritual potential?

I love Aura-Soma and I love to teach, but perhaps most of all I love to share how to teach. Teaching is so much more than giving information. Anyone can read words out from a book, but real teaching is making that information come alive. Creating a space of awareness, love and light in which students can be touched and nourished by the information. Lighting the spark of enthusiasm for the subject within students. To teach this is my goal for those becoming Aura-Soma teachers with me.

In addition to my intention I bring a depth of experience to the Teacher Trainings that I offer. From 1992 to 2001 I was Course Director at Dev Aura, a position that gave me the privilege of supporting Mike and Claudia Booth in the creating of the Aura-Soma Training. I was responsible for writing the original Teachers notes for all levels as well as the Course Workbooks for Levels 1 and 2. The depth and intensity of this process resulted in my getting to know the course information so well that it became integrated within me to the extent that it feels like it lives within me now.

Since 2001 the teaching of Aura-Soma courses has been my sole source of income as I present courses around the world, both the standard Aura-Soma Training of Level 1, 2 and 3 courses, and also my own specialist Aura-Soma Renewal Process courses. Since 1994 I have taught well over a hundred courses to over a thousand students. This provides me with a wealth of practical experience that i can share with you on class management and teaching situations, ideas on which exercises work well in which situations, and tips on how to use different activities and techniques to give your students the best learning experience.

My Aura-Soma experience extends back to 1985 when I first met Vicky Wall and Margaret. I attended many courses with them and even worked with them occasionally at Chalfont St Peter - the birthplace of Aura-Soma. I can share with you some of that early spirit to enrich what you can offer to your students.

Prior to 1992 I trained and worked as an English language teacher to international students. It is a highly interactive and creative area of teaching, and the skills I learnt and developed there have supported me considerably in my current vocation. It has given me a breadth of teaching experience beyond the world of Aura-Soma and the New Age.

Above all I would say that to be able to share the skills of teaching gives me tremendous joy. Teaching is my vocation and Aura-Soma is my subject. I would love to help you to be as good a teacher as you can be.

To find out more about course dates and availability see the Diary of Events or contact me ... you can add your name to my list of interested students who I contact when a course is scheduled.

Please note there are several prerequisites to enrolments on the Teacher courses, including submission of your Level 4 work. It is best to let me know of your interest as soon as possible so that I can support you to fulfil all the necessary steps in good time.