Secrets of the Colour Rose CourseThe Colour Rose is one of the central teaching tools of the Aura-Soma system. It contains many gifts and some secrets too. Its colour pattern provides a key to understand colour language and colour relationships. Yet the Colour Rose goes deeper, it is an expression of sacred geometry and its structure is intimately linked to further symbols such as the Vesica Pisces, the Star of David and the Tree of Life.
Both these levels of the Colour Rose are addressed each day.

With regard to colour, the first part of the course explores the pairs of contrasting complementary colours. Each colour axis of the Colour Rose is carefully considered in turn. Fascinating hidden connections are revealed as we go. For example, the green theme of direction requires the red association of footsteps to be complete. Once the six colour axes of the Rose have been explored they act like a key that is inserted into the Colour Rose. The key is turned and we experience the circular flow of colour around the Rose. Hidden colours, evolution of colour themes - all are illuminated in the second part of the course.

Yet the course goes deeper. Parallel to the daily development of the colour understanding runs the thread of a deeper research into the structure of the Colour Rose. Each day includes a presentation on an aspect of the Colour Rose’s structure in which its deeper secrets are hidden. These sessions explore the hidden geometric features of the Rose such as the Star of David and the Vesica Pisces. Symbols which in turn illuminate subjects such as the relationship between the Ascended Masters and The Cosmic Master Beings.

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