Aura-Soma Courses Rainbow EvolutionWe are familiar with the traditional rainbow, its seven colours, and their relationship to the seven chakras. Rainbow Evolution does a very exciting thing. It introduces an entirely new view on the colours that appear in the gaps between the chakras - the tertiary colours of Magenta, Gold, Coral, Olive and Turquoise.

Rainbow Evolution brings these tertiary colours that have for so long been hidden in the inner petals of the Colour Rose and presents them in the light of a new significance. Rainbow Evolution proposes that these colours are creating a new rainbow, a second rainbow of human consciousness, vital as we evolve into this New Aeon and the 21st century.

Rainbows old and new

The course begins by offering a simple but profound view of a universal journey that we all make as human beings through the traditional rainbow. This deepens our understanding of the significance of the rainbow and its colours. It also helps us to recognise where we each our in our own journey. It is a very important of the process as we prepare to open to the new rainbow. From this foundation Rainbow Evolution proceeds to introduce the new rainbow through a particular sequence of tertiary colours revealed in the in Equilibrium sequence.

A helping hand from the Masters

The Equilibrium Master bottles play a vital role in this course as their pastel colours dance on the inner planes of the Colour Rose, bringing the consciousness of all rainbow colours, traditional and new, to a more intense level. Some of Vicky Wall’s original thoughts on the Master sequence are considered and found to have a revealing and significant relationship to the two rainbows, traditional and new.


The course culminates in a radical new perspective on the Colour Rose, one in which the feminine principle is raised as the new principle for the new time. It is an inspiring completion to the course. It is a fascinating and thought provoking course. It will deepen your understanding of colour and more importantly offer you new perspectives on the potential of both colour and human evolution.

Those who have studied with Dominic before will find this course contains a wealth of new ideas while building on the explorations of previous courses. Those who are new to Dominic’s work will find this course a revelation of Aura-Soma knowledge and essence.

18 hours

ASIACT Renewal Process Course