Specialist Courses - Patterns in Aura-SomaThis course was conceived as an opportunity to include a little bit of everything, a kind of concentrated introduction to many of the different subjects in which I specialise - numerology, masters, tree of life etc.

Of all the specialist courses that I offer this is the most flexible and responsive to the needs of the group. A major part of the course is based on inviting students questions into the space on the first day and then weaving the answers to those question through the remainder of the course. As a result this course has been on different occasions: a sensitive healing experience, a deep exploration of subtle anatomy, a revealing journey into colour theory and the Tree of Life. In answering these questions each course takes a unique and at times magical path.

Through all these permutations however it has become apparent that there remains a central unchanging theme to this course, a theme that is absolutely central to the Aura-Soma system. It is the description of the relationship between different levels of consciousness: body, personality and higher self. This description gives context to the Aura-Soma view of subtle anatomy. It also throws light on Aura-Soma core principles, principles that are expressed in phrases such as “The Mirror and the Miracle” or “Aura-Soma - the Window of the Soul”. Ultimately this course brings us closer to the Aura-Soma potential and purpose.

3 days - 18 hours