Specialist Courses - Exploring the Tree of LifeSince the very first time that the Equilibrium bottles were laid on the Tree of Life at Dev Aura on a late autumn afternoon in 1994, I have been deeply involved in exploring the relationship between the Equilibrium sequence and the Tree of Life.

In all those years the learning for me has never stopped. It is a subject I love to share and develop with fellow Aura-Soma students.


A special view

At the heart of this course is a view of the Tree that is both simple and profound. It shows how, within the pattern of the Tree of Life, we can find the true relationship between Spirit and Matter, Soul and Personality. Once this pattern is seen real understanding of the message and significance of the Tree of Life can begin. It allows so much of the Equilibrium / Tree of Life / Tarot connection to become clear and meaningful.

Many ways

Following this central insight there are many ways this course can unfold. At different times the course focus has been on the paths, the spheres, the Golden Thread, the spheres as expressions of the meeting of path energies, and the four worlds. In recent times we have also focused on the presence of larger patterns hidden within the Tree, and integrating the Tree of Life into consultations.

Learn through doing

One constant element however is the inclusion of examples and practical sessions incorporating students’ daily Equilibrium selections in order to ground and integrate the discoveries that we make. By the end of the course you will be more confident and able in setting your Aura-Soma choices in the context of the Tree of Life. The Golden Thread can also be demonstrated and made, if not simple, at least manageable.


The Tree of Life is a tremendously valuable tool, but it can often appear complex and overwhelming. It need not be. Time and again students’ feedback after the course is that finally they have found their way into the Tree, that it has become understandable, practical and inspiring. This is a jewel of a course that will open the treasures of the Tree to you.

3 days - 18 hours
ASIACT certified Renewal Process Course