Specialist Courses Exploring the MastersSuitable for beginners and advanced students alike this course is always popular. The Master bottles have exercised a fascination since their creation, their soft colours and mysterious names seeming to promise something special.

There is a special something in this course; it is the story of consciousness, a story of stepping out from, and returning to, the source. Each Master bottle, through its colours, themes and place in the sequence, provides a further step on this journey of consciousness. It is a universal story in which we can all find our personal resonances. There are three parts to the exploration, and with each part there are opportunities for students to practise and integrate the new insights.
The Masters and the Cross

The first four master energies create a cross which represents a universal truth. This truth is presented and students explore their own place in this story according to their colour selection of the day.
The Masters and the Chakras

The second stage of the course views the first 7 Masters, the Personal Ascended Masters as Vicky Wall called them, in relationship to our 7 chakras. This view is developed to include the remaining Masters in an expanded sequence that describes a further, more subtle layer of being into which we may extend. It reveals a second rainbow of being into which we are invited to evolve.
The Masters and the Colour Rose

This section is the culmination of the course. The Masters are placed into the Colour Rose revealing their gifts and functions according to the colour rays to which they relate. This process brings the themes of the Masters into all the Equilibrium colour combinations, into the whole of the Aura-Soma system, demonstrating the presence of the Masters and the relevance of the Quintessences beyond the 14 bottles to which they are directly related.

The thing I particularly love about this course is the way that the Equilibrium master bottles are drawn down and placed in the middle of the room as they are discussed. As the story unfolds so the presence of the Master bottles in the centre of the room grows. These bottles create evolving mandalas that ground the energies and information being explored. It is an inspiring course that brings the whole of the Aura-Soma system to life.

3 days - 18 hours
ASIACT Renewal Process course