Specialist Courses - Exploring the ArchangelsThe Archangel bottles, like the Master ones before them, excite a special interest. They are seen as greater beings, bridges between God above and the angels and human consciousness beneath.

This course explores how we may understand the Archangels from the perspective of the Aura-Soma system. Our focus is the Archangel sequence within the Equilibrium range, the colour combinations from 94 to 106.

The Archangel sequence

The central theme of the course is the consideration of the entire Archangel sequence as an unfolding sequence within Equilibrium. Beginning with Archangel Michael where the presence of the Divine Will (Pale Blue) is reintroduced to our world and set above our separate smaller will (Pale Yellow) the Archangel sequence marks an intensifying of the process of consciousness growth. Each Archangel plays a part in this journey. To help develop our understanding we draw on the language of colour, the language of number, the Tree of Life and the historical context into which each of the Archangel bottles has been born. It is a fascinating and revealing exploration.
Archangels and the Tree of Life

The second part of the course views the Archangel bottles according to their traditional Tree of Life placements. This process produces valuable new insights as we discover new attributes and possibilities for the Archangels, particularly in relation to making Archangeloi recommendations in consultations.

Using Archangeloi

The third theme that runs through the whole course is the using and experiencing of the Archangeloi sprays. They are a wonderful tool for meditation and we will be sharing, and experiencing many of them through the three days. On completion of the course you will be more confident and experienced with these precious tools. You will have a better idea of their individual uses and gifts, be more willing to use them on yourself and also more confident and knowledgeable in your recommending them to others.

It is said that behind each person is an angel, and behind each angel is an Archangel. During this course there will also be a space that we may connect a little more closely through our angel to the Archangel with which we are associated, to our purpose and mission in this life.

3 days - 18 hours
ASIACT certified Renewal Process Course


"I really enjoyed the Archangels course here in Ireland. It was a gift. I really felt you brought Aura-soma alive for me, and gave me a sense of the expansiveness and interconnectedness of Aura-soma. Since painting my image after meditating on the Archangel Gabriel bottle, I am filled with inspiration for more images of the other Archangel bottles."
Sinead W – Ireland

"I'm still enjoying thinking about the wonderful course and I want to thank you again. Your courses are always a perfect balance of work and fun, straightness and flexibility."
Gabriele H. – Germany

"Everytime I participate at Dominic’s seminar I am amazed at how clear his message gets to me. This Archangel course made me feel very comfortable with all of the archangels and to understand their importance in ways I had not known before."
Loretta M. – Switzerland