Exploring the Universal Language of Number

Specialist Courses - Exploring NumerologyNumerology is a fascinating subject in its own right. When we explore number through the prism of the Equilibrium sequence, it throws much light on both numerology and the Aura-Soma system. This course goes well beyond the relationship between number and Aura-Soma introduced in the Level 2 course, it addresses the heart of the Aura-Soma / Number relationship; the interaction between the messages of colour and number within each Equilibrium bottle. The purpose of this course is to gain greater knowledge of the relationship between number and the messages of the Equilibrium bottles, and to develop your ability to apply this knowledge in consultations.
Exploring 0-9

A fundamental element of the course is to explore in detail the meaning and associations of the single digit numbers from 0 – 9. As these are the building blocks of all further numbers, this is a vital stage in the exploration of the number / colour relationships that appear in Equilibrium. We include the shape of the number, its associations in language, in geometry and mathematics, even in music. Most importantly this exploration centres on the relevant Equilibrium bottles themselves. The first few times I presented this course, this exploration took the whole three days: 3 numbers per day. Even I was amazed by how much there was to say about each number!

Take the number 7 for example. As you will learn on the course, the number 7 relates to the Higher Self. Traditionally it is the number of the philosopher, the one who has the higher view. The very shape of the 7 is that of a 1 with an extra bit up top – an overview! The 7 bottle is Yellow / Green, named the Garden of Gethsemane or, as Vicky Wall also liked to describe it – “a crossroads bottle”, chosen when you have come to a crossroads in your life. The lesson of the crossroads is to go with the flow – which is of course a very philosophical thing to do, not to fight life but to go with the flow. We then look at how this theme of the Higher Self continues through further Equilibrium bottles featuring the number 7. Just as an example, 47 is the Old Soul bottle; a perfect name for a Higher Self (7) embodied in form (and notice “form” sounds like “four-m”).
The law of three

The meanings of the single digits are then reviewed through what may be called the Law of Three. This is a profound and extremely helpful way to view numbers. It shows that there is a hidden and repeating pattern of meaning with every third digit. It significantly deepens the original ideas presented.
Beyond the single digits

The Level 2 reduction to a single digit is useful to a point. However there always remain differences between the meanings of numbers that reduce to the same digit. For example, 12 and 21 must differ even though both reduce to a 3. This course takes great interest in these differences. This increased precision is a key ingredient of this course and is, I believe, a very important and healthy development in the Aura-Soma / Number study.
Extra features on the course

During the course, we may want to explore particular themes in more detail, depending on the interests of the group. Special themes on past courses have included: numbers in relation to countries; the “Number Footprints” magic square; the role of the double digit numbers (11, 22, 33 etc), and a key to assess three digit numbers beyond 99.
Bringing Numerology to life

As with all my courses, I want to help students put the theory into practice. There will be several example consultations where I look at a student’s bottle selection and assess the numbers in conjunction with the colours. There are also times for students to practice with partners looking at their own four bottles and applying the numerology information in their own readings. I am sure that you will find this course a revelation of information and a powerful key to developing your own Aura-Soma / Number understandings.