Equilibrium Journey - Specialist CourseHave you ever considered what a reading of the entire Equilibrium range taken in sequence would reveal? Four Equilibrium bottles are enough to provide insight into a person’s life and potential, just imagine what a reading of the 107 bottles would provide.

I consider the Equilibrium sequence to be the greatest teacher of all. Hidden within its order of colour and number is a message of growth, and, I believe, an insight into the perspective of the consciousness that inspired Vicky Wall all those years ago as it guided her hands to create the first colour combination bottles.

The course travels through the Equilibrium sequence – starting with B0 and progressing towards B106. Taking steps of ten bottles at a time, this course explores the chapters of the book of Equilibrium, each chapter has its theme and each bottle is a page in this book.

Colour and number are the vital tools of this exploration. These are two subjects I have been deeply engaged with for many years and one could say that I have been preparing for this course for close to 20 years - ever since I wrote my own 2000 word essay on the subject of “A universal level reading of the first 22 bottles” back in 1992. Yet this course is not limited to colour and number, it will also draw on bottle names, related Tarot images / Tree of Life positions, and more.

Equilibrium Journey is designed to inspire you with wonder for the Equilibrium sequence by revealing a fascinating deeper story hidden within its sequence. If you would like to learn about colour, number, and the bigger picture of Equilibrium and the Aura-Soma system then this is an ideal course for you.