Advanced Course

Aura-Soma - Training Course Level 3The third and final six day course of the Aura-Soma student training, this course introduces a whole new level of the Aura-Soma system.

The three main aims for the Level 3 Advanced course are:

  1. to explore the language of colour through the sequence of the Master bottles.
  2. to foster consultation skills, of presence and observation
  3. to introduce the relationship between Aura-Soma and the Tree of Life.

This last aim includes introducing the pattern of the Tree of Life, and over several days placing 100 Equilibrium bottles into the Tree. This is done in conjunction with Tarot imagery as the Tarot is also related to the Tree. It is a huge subject yet one I have found very rewarding. I have even developed and presented specialist courses to extend this research into this connection.

While I worked at Dev Aura during the 1990’s Mike Booth asked me to write the original Teachers notes to this course. During this process I had to expand and develop upon Mike’s original ideas and direction, a task which has been a blessing for me and my work. It has created the foundation of understanding that continues to be built upon each time I revisit this fascinating subject. I will be delighted to share with you the foundations of this subject.