The Intermediate Course

Aura-Soma - Training Course Level 2The main aim of the Level 2 Intermediate course is to make connections through colour between the Aura-Soma Colour System and other systems of knowledge. It is an exciting course full of learning opportunities.

The main role for me as a teacher at this level is to make each of the key subjects simple, understandable and digestible. As always I weave colour and the Equilibrium bottles through the course information presentations so that you are always going deeper into the essence of Aura-Soma, consultation examples tailored to each topic will also help to make clear the application of each presentation.

As with Level 1 my long experience of working with this material gives me the opportunity to dance with the flow of information, bringing the knowledge to life. Favourite subjects of mine within this course are Numerology, Astrology, the symbolism of colour, the primary colours and their application to Buddhist and Yogic understanding.

It is a privilege to guide students through all of this and I will be honoured if you are one.