This new and exciting course has emerged right on the heels of the birth of B108. It is very much connected to the process that this turquoise / olive colour combination stimulates: the evolution of the soul towards individuation and wholeness. This course places that growth at its heart.

During the course students work intensively with a four step process which includes Aura-Soma choices, the Tree of Life, and, most importantly, a whole new technique of image creation. It is a new way of working that is entirely complementary with, and adds an extra dimension to, the process that Aura-Soma offers.

Images as a doorway

This technique creates images that serve as doorways to connect with the beings and energies significant to us. These energies may be part of our own personality or external presences such as Masters or archetypal energies on the Tree of Life. The creation of these images is a process in itself. The goal, however, is to give a voice to the being or energy behind the image. There are particular ways to do this which are shared in the Mystery to Mastery course. For an example of this process see the post A Personal Journey.

Equilibrium as a key

The process of choosing, exploring and applying Equilibrium bottles is very similar to the image creating process. The intention behind Equilibrium is to awaken consciousness, particularly in relation to the significant but hidden parts of ourselves: thoughts, feelings, gifts and goals.

When combined these two approaches produce a greater level of consciousness for our soul life. The bottles provide consciousness energy with an intent to be helpful, the images allow us to engage and interact more deeply with our process.

The Tree of Life as a context

The symbol of the Tree appears throughout this course. The first time this course was presented was in St Petersburg in a venue called Yesod. It was a valuable clue. Yesod is the 9th sphere in the Tree. It is the foundation of our conscious life as a human being - it is the space where mastery needs to happen. Yesod is balanced by a sphere called Daath. Daath is, in fact, an empty space - it is a space of Mystery behind which is the source of all things. We can place Turquoise - the teacher of life - in Daath, while olive - the impulse of life from within for growth - may be placed in Yesod. This course, like the bottle B108 honours these two energies. During the course we travel the paths of the Tree, both outward and return, as we seek to grow in Mastery.

"For those who wish to remember themselves"

This was the original tag line to Aura-Soma advertising. An invitation to discover something of great value hidden within. The invitation remains as true today as it was in those early days. With new techniques and supported by the energies of this time: "Come and See"


I have been asked if the making of images is similar to making treasure maps or vision boards. My answer is I think not. This activity has a significantly different focus. It is not about our future hopes, it is specifically to provide a window into our soul world. Through this window the light of consciousness shines and stimulates evolution of our soul body. Integrating and balancing our various parts. This is the combination of turquoise individuation and the olive growth.