Aura-Soma ConsultationsThe Aura-Soma consultation is a fantastic way to explore and heal our lives, it offers the opportunity for self-understanding and transformation. It is especially suited for those who wish to come to a new focus in their life and/or who wish to develop themselves, but it will benefit anyone who is facing challenges in life.

The Aura-Soma consultation is always based on your choice of colours. Aura-Soma offers colour in the form of a set of sparkling colourful bottles which are the basis of the whole Aura-Soma system. The bottles are known as Equilibrium and they contain two colourful fractions, oil floating on water, colour upon colour. These fractions represent a conscious and unconscious aspect to your story. The consultation always begins with the invitation to choose the four Equilibrium colour combinations that most attract you in that moment.

During the 90 minute consultation that follows you will gain insight into your current situation and the larger pattern of your life story. The four bottles collectively offer an overall theme for the consultation, as well as a past, a present and a future of that theme. It is simple yet profoundly effective. A trained Aura-Soma Practitioner will explore with you what your colour choice represents for you, the story within you that is ready to have the light brought to it. The language of colour and the Aura-Soma information support the process and the intention is to find some turning point for the current theme, some recognition, some release and some new consciousness.

At the end of the consultation you will identify the Aura-Soma colour products that will be most beneficial for you to apply in the following weeks. This is a very important part of helping yourself through Aura-Soma. The consultation sows the seeds of insight into your situation, but it is in applying the Aura-Soma colours onto and around yourself that the information discussed in the session may be absorbed and integrated into your everyday experience. The products have an energetic effect that goes beyond words.

All in all an Aura-Soma consultation is a chance to see your life from a new perspective. The Equilibrium colour combinations provide a medium for the inner you to express itself and touch the underlying themes of your life in a way that goes beyond language. The consultation takes an hour. The process continues in the weeks that follow as you use the recommended Aura-Soma products to realise the gifts that have been revealed in the consultation and ground them into your everyday life.