Rider Waite

This is the classic Tarot deck - the first to contain an original image for every card. There are two versions of this deck I highly recommend the Universal Rider Waite deck – the colours are much softer and more expressive. It is a better deck altogether and the link below leads to this deck.

The imagery of the Rider Waite cards offers access to the wealth of information that is carried in the traditional symbols. It was the deck first used by Aura-Soma to connect the Tarot and the Equilibrium sequence and references to its imagery may still be found in the Level 3 Course book.

The Osho Neo Zen Tarot

This is a highly original and yet profound take on the Tarot system. It is a beautiful deck to look at, colourful images, often of a zen-like simplicity, they convey some essence of the truth behind the card.

The cards are accompanied by a book containing accompanying texts and commentaries. These alone are beautifully simple and profound. They are directly from or inspired by the spiritual teacher Osho whose presence and teaching touched thousands of lives. The messages here are equal to the quality of the images. Profound simple deep and true, they guide the reader in to a deeper appreciation of the gift of each card, the way to meet the moment.

The focus of the deck is to bring awareness, insight and meditation into the present moment. It is not a fatalistic interpretation where we are at the mercy of the card we choose, the emphasis in this deck is always on the freedom that consciousness offers. The Osho Neo Zen deck has an eastern Buddhist flavour as would be expected from the name, and I highly recommend it: it is a treat for the eyes and the soul.

The Inner Child Cards

These are another highly original take on the tarot. The original angle here is the connection between the Tarot / tree of life and the archetypal world of fairy tales and myths.

The authors have made some wonderful connections: The Magician becomes and Aladdin and the Genie of the Lamp, discovering the power to create. The Fool is Little Red Riding Hood (Little Red Cap) stepping naively into the forest and having to learn about its dangers. The Moon becomes Cinderella and the Knight of Swords becomes the Seeker of the Mind – The Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

Although I find the image style not entirely to my taste, the idea behind the deck is so rich I am more than happy to recommend this deck. It is suitable for children too – they can pick just one card and then you can tell them a story! I find this deck is very popular with students, especially from Russia and the former Soviet Union.