Talking to the Body Mind

The message of Osho’s last given meditation, it offers a process to deepen our relationship with our physical body. As we open to this new relating with the body, consciousness and spiritual energy enter more deeply into the physical facilitating a healing in the sense of making whole between physical and spiritual. It is the same process that Aura-Soma offers: bringing the light and the physical body together. Find out more ...

The Beloved: Deepak Chopra and friends

Passionate, exotic, hypnotic. This is a CD I listen to again and again. Hearing it I am transported to another place and stirred with the passion of the love of the divine. It is a unique creation, inspired by a love of the poetry of Rumi the great Sufi mystic, Deepak Chopra, a leading light of new age potential, brought together musicians and readers to share Rumi’s vision.

Rumi’s theme is love. Not the pink love of the unconditional purified through suffering, not the red love of physical desire, Rumis’s theme is the magenta love of the divine: wild, passionate, burning, spiritual, intoxicating. Read by Deepak Chopra and others the richness of their voices adds warmth and emotion to the beauty of Rumi’s poetry.

It is the music though that is the other star of the show. Middle Eastern in flavour - it is to my ear hypnotic, exotic, other-worldly. It evokes an unfamiliar but sensual world. Sparse and simple, the music does not overwhelm the words but instead creates an atmosphere for them.

Instruments unknown to me both wind and strings evoke emotion as do the background voices, fragments of whispers, wails and melodies echo to me the romance of the Muezzin’s call to prayer over the city at dawn. It is the drums though that carry the whole, their softness brings a red energy, a warmth and spiciness to the whole. The beat is hypnotic like the foot falls of camels as they walk through the desert night, transporting me under the stars in this torrent of divine love.

I return from this journey refreshed.

Buy it.

Dance of the Light: by James Asher

This is my favourite Aura-Soma CD.

The first track “Dance of the Light” is my favourite. It evokes the atmosphere of welcome to an Aura-Soma course. Light, playful, energy building, it is the invitation to enter the world of Aura-Soma.

The last track “Dawn at Dev Aura” also carries some special quality for me. It was composed and recorded in one take one early summer morning. The birdsong you hear is the original Dawn Chorus; the birds inspired James Asher to get up and record the piece that summer morning. I like to use this track for longer processes in a course where there is some theme of birth or rebirth.

Tsuki o yobu (Inviting good luck): by Shavdo

Tsuki o yobu (Inviting good luck): by Shavdo

This music has a slow samba beat, very slow, very steady, like a deep heart beat. The melody above the beat alternates between a Japanese bamboo flute with its evocative woody sound, and a lightly strummed guitar, relaxed and easy.

Created by Shavdo, a Japanese musician who has spent much time in the Amazon working with its sacred plants. Listening to this music is like travelling slowly down a great green river, surrounded by trees, shafts of sunlight penetrating the emerald canopy, water swirling lazily by. Deeply relaxing this is great background music to set an atmosphere for a meditative or relaxing space.