What-is ColourWe have always been surrounded by colour. But until recently there has been little consideration of what its real value might be.

The question asked in childhood is often “What’s you favourite colour?” But there is a more interesting question here. Why do we like some colours more than others?” How can we account for our colour preferences? Is it possible that our preferences say something about us? And, on a slightly different tack, can colour do anything for us?

What is colour – really?

Colour is energy

It is part of the same spectrum that includes microwaves and X-rays, radio waves and nuclear radiation. These waves can do all sorts of things: microwaves cook food, radio waves (and others) carry information, some waves can even severely damage our physical body (x-rays and beyond). Colour is not just a dance on the surface of objects - it is part of the force of the universe.

Colour is safe

The beauty of colour is that it is the part of this energy spectrum which is most attuned to our frame. It is the part of the spectrum to which we have the greatest sensitivity, the part that does us the least harm. As Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma used to like to observe we are hue – man beings!

Colour interacts with the aura

However colour is subtle in its effect. Being made of photons, colour has no mass, this means the force of colour cannot be felt physically. Instead it is the resonance of the vibration of the colour wavelengths that interacts with our consciousness, stimulating our emotions, thoughts and spirit. It is with our light field that colour interacts: our aura and our chakras. The light field of consciousness in which our thoughts, feelings and inspirations move. In this way colour is a gentle and subtle energy for support and change in our life.