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Trump Blue and Orange Part 2

Donald Trump is now the President. When he won the election i identified a blue orange theme in the dynamics that underlay his victory. I suggested that there is a growing swirl of emotion in the collective consciousness these days. This swirl is deeply unsettling for us and consequently we are keen to find a leader who can solve the causes of stress.  Even if the leader’s claims are not realistic to the rational mind, because we have this deep anxiety, we are willing to believe. In that article I connected the unconscious, with its swirl of emotion, to orange, and i connected the leader, the father figure, to blue. I finished that article by wondering if Donald Trump would be able to control the forces he has drawn upon.

This article shares some further thoughts along this blue orange axis. You can see from the Colour Rose that blue and orange are opposite each other in the circle. As complementary opposites they are like two sides of one coin, each gives one side of the story, together they show the whole picture. I realised that orange and blue each offer a positive practice that will support us not to be lost in the swirl of this dangerous time. I also found an obstacle for each of these practices, the obstacle also being related to the colours. Finally i introduce a new possibility, an alternative colour axis which offers a future in which the blue orange dynamic is neutralised.

The Colour RoseImmunisation to the Orange Swirl

Not a reference to Donald Trump’s hairstyle, the orange swirl exists in our collective consciousness. It is potentially very dangerous. A gathering of collective emotion which can, like a tsunami wave, pick people up and carry them away to a place they never expected to be. In modern times, in both Rwanda and in the former Yugoslavia, societies have suddenly disintegrated as tensions / fears erupted. People who had lived together for years suddenly turned against each other: kill or be killed, fight or flee. In this article i will show a blue way and an orange way to protect ourselves against this danger.

Blue: The Conscientious Objector.

During wartime there are some people who refuse to fight. Their personal belief, often but not always tied to a religion, that killing is wrong is so deeply held within them that they refuse to fight. They object out of conscience - that small voice inside us that tells us if something is right or wrong. It was not easy for such people to refuse to fight, they were often horrifically treated themselves in order to punish them / see if they were genuine. Their connection with and their commitment to their own integrity had to be stronger than any pressure or hardship from outside.

It is interesting that Vicky Wall associated that phrase “the still small voice within” with the pale blue. It has appeared in the past as a keyword for the pale blue Master El Morya. I think a person who has such a strong commitment to conscience will not be easily swayed by peer pressure or the swirl of the collective. The presence of our conscience is a positive blue quality which protects the integrity of our actions.

Orange: I stand and see clearly.

This is an alternative source of protection to the collective swirl. In the original article on Trump i used an example of people at an airport being hustled into a taxi. “Quick, Hurry up. The taxi is about to go.” These people were panicked into getting into the taxi. The injection of fear and urgency into the situation overwhelmed these people.They flowed into the taxi. The healthy alternative to this i also experienced in a travel situation. I was with my young family in Russia, we had just missed the bus back to the village and home. The bus station was chaotic, my wife was stressed with the two little boys tired. Under pressure i saw a man i assumed to be a taxi driver. I approached him and with all my emotion began to talk. He turned to face me and just looked at me, his eyes clear, his body very still. He was like a rock and i realised that nothing i could do would move him. He simply stood and looked at me. It was very impressive.

He is an example of I stand and see clearly. He would never have been swept away onto that taxi in the airport story. You will notice that this phrase is red and yellow rather than orange: red = stand, and yellow = clearly. Being rooted and having clarity towards what is happening is also a defence against being swayed by the emotion of the collective unconscious.

Of course the best is when all three colours work together. I stand and see clearly the outside world while i am listening to my conscience within.

The Challenge to Seeing Clearly: Fake News

It is amazing that just as the swirl is getting stronger, getting clear is made even more difficult by a new problem. Fake News. It is a phrase that has suddenly become very popular. As more and more voices sharing information have appeared, especially on the internet, the war for control of people’s minds (literally the meaning of govern-ment) has gone to a new level. It is not just interpretation which is argued about these days, fake facts have become weapons too. It makes it difficult to stand and see clearly what is happening. It is yet another stress adding to the collective swirl …  How can i know what to act on if i don't know what is true?

The challenge to the conscience: Obedience

Finally, this has not become a hot topic yet this time around as far as i can see but it is worth mentioning to complete the picture. How can the blue personal conscience be compromised?

When Adolf Eichmann appeared in court in Jerusalem for his part in organising the German concentration camps of World War 2, he was asked “Was it difficult as a human being to send these prisoners to the camps?” His reply shocked those listening …”No. Not at all.” "Why?" the questioners wanted to know … Eichmann’s reply was one word. “Amtspracche.”  It means literally "office speak". He explained that when it came to giving and receiving orders the language simply did not engage your morality. You were simply doing the job. This news led to the famous Milgram experiment at Yale University in 1961 when it was found that people would give electric shocks to strangers simply because authority told them it was important. Some people went as far as applying the maximum voltage, and this despite hearing the screams of the stranger through the intercom. (In fact that part was a trick, no shocks were given) The real test had been  to learn how far people surrender their conscience to external authority.


A presidential election is a collective event. In such events we are simply one drop in a much bigger flow. We have seen blue and orange themes very active in this election campaign. Blue and orange also express at a personal level though, and we can find positive ways to use each energy, Listening to our conscience for blue and standing and seeing clearly for orange. Both activities will help us keep our balance in the face of the collective swirl. Finally we can also see two challenges also rooted in blue and orange, which, when combined, will also be very dangerous. They could be combined and expressed as "I don't know what is happening anymore and i surrender my conscience to external authority."

Another way?

The Blue Orange axis dominates the Aura-Soma Colour Rose. It runs top to bottom through the middle - the central vertical axis. We have been fixed in authoritarian hierarchies for thousands of years now. The alternative is a new paradigm, feminine leadership. At its centre is the olive magenta axis. Be true to your own spiritual dimension.

I am starting my teaching diary of 2017 with an Aura-Soma Education Day in London which will explore this axis along with the other tertiary colours within the Colour Rose. I think it is a significant timing and i look forward to sharing new insights there as we continue into this time of change.

© Dominic Yeoman 2017


  1. Check out the Women’s March on Washington yesterday. Consider the intensification of the Red (Pink). This collective struggle is the end of a paradigm, the oppression of women. The last gasp to keep down the feminine and the Earth. The invention of men and technology thinking they know more than the power of life force. These energies will never die.

    There has been fake news for a long time now. Too many people unwilling to recognize that they can know for themselves by being conscious and direct experience. If you have not seen Ashley Judd reciting a poem yesterday in Washington from an 18 year old young women from Tennessee then listen. So young and so aware.

    Lots of love, Carol

  2. There seems to be a flow of say George Soros’ money to those who follow and do not care about the Rights of the women themselves… ergo I heard a young woman talk to a News reporter that she was not very clever, so she followed the Media News, as they were cleverer than she was.

    Where is the conquest of the Spirit?

    Where is the individual who is also in touch with their heart?

    It seems that a very brave Soros has to hide behind a Woman’s movement with his millions of so-called hard-earned dollars, and those whom he has paid to go violently in the streets will be those who are not sourced by Soros’ lawyers, but will have to learn the very hard way with a prison sentence.