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The Great Outdoors



The usual image when I hear the phrase "the Great Outdoors"  is one of Nature;  mountains, forests, fresh air and adventure.

But today I realised that the Great Outdoors is much bigger than this! It is not just the wild and far away ... it is in fact closer to home, near and all around. It includes the vertical dimension of height, the atmosphere of air and wind, space and sound and silence, all of which envelope the Earth. The breath I breathe, the air that flows into my room when i open my window, these too are part of the Great Outdoors. All potentials and possibilities, all opportunities, appear from out of this space, It is space itself which is the original Great Outdoors.  I now realise that the only things separated from the Great Outdoors are the spaces shut off behind closed windows and doors.

I throw open my window, outside gusts of breeze stir the new leaves on trees and hedge, birds sing and threads of cloud pass across the blue sky. I breathe in the fresh air, I am connecting to, engaging with and receiving from the Great Outdoors, even while I stand in my room. It is wonderful, exhilarating.

But as i breathe i can't help noticing my in-breath is smaller than I would wish. I further realise my in-breath is dependent on my out-breath. It is my out breath that is too small. I realise there is a fear of loss as i breathe out, a withholding in my thought and feeling. As I feel the fear my breath constricts, my heart and solar plexus tighten. I realise that the walls which separate me from the Great Outdoors are not just made of stone, they are present in the muscles of my body too. Walls of tension based in habits of thought and feeling woven together. I want to relax, i want to let go better. I want to choose anew.

I return my thought to the new awareness -  that the fulfillment of all my hopes and wishes are available somewhere out there swimming in the air beyond my window sill. It helps. I begin to relax, to trust, I invite the fulfilment of my potential towards me, imagine its possibilities flowing in with the in breath. As i remember this I find the tension arising out of fear begins to reduce, my out-breath is beginning to relax, I am growing in willingness to be empty because i remember this is how i can open the door to the new.

My wish today is to participate, to engage, to share in life. The Great Outdoors begins at my window sill. It flows in and fills me with each in-breath; all I need do is open my window, open my mind and heart to welcome in the new.

This is a Green story

As I reflect on this process it is all very resonant with the energy of green, Space, flow and possibilities are all green. Moreover green energises the heart chakra, the area of the chest, breath and breathing.  Today i can add the Great Outdoors in its deepest sense to this list.


An Invitation

This process i described above was helped along this morning by two sentences from a book I just read. It proposed the following idea  ...  "I like the idea that money is as available as the air i breathe, I like the idea of breathing in and breathing out more money." This is an important theme for me at this time. I want to invite this flow of exchange into my world. It is not just the money of course, it is the interactions, the opportunities, and the balance of giving and receiving.  This leads me to extend an invitation to you.

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