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Blue and Red

"Floating in and out of the body ... each time she drifts a little further." These words appear on a Facebook page describing the leaving the body process of a lady called Mangala who recently left her body for the last time. As I read the words the pale blue of El Morya and the clear / red of The Christ came to my mind, evoking a sense of awareness moving in and out of these two states of consciousness: from the red of presence at the surface of the body to the pale blue of an interior peace.

Desire, Dissatisfaction and Death

Coincidentally just that morning I had been listening to an academic discussion about Death and the way it has been viewed through the centuries in European culture. Here again themes of blue and red had appeared.

Two of the three guests started with the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible. And here already is the idea of a departure from God (blue) into the Material world (red). El Morya – oneness with the Divine Mind - is in Kether at the top of the Tree of Life while The Christ – Light in the Material World - is in the physical world of Malkuth at the bottom of the Tree. More interestingly the speakers also suggested that it is the friction which arises out of our complicated relationship with the world that drives us to an early grave. Desire, dissatisfaction, suffering, pleasure seeking, overwork, all wear us out. To live faster is to die younger. I can imagine this as a clear/red dynamic, some kind of unconsciousness clear in relation to the physical world red . By contrast it is easy to imagine that a saintly type with a pale blue attitude of peaceful detachment will be less disturbed by life, lose less energy to it, and therefore live longer. As a general statement it seems pretty true. Isn’t it the 7th Day Adventists who eat no meat, drink no alcohol, live a life of faith, and have a life expectancy significantly above the average in the USA?

Blue and Red on the mountain

Free climbing is just a climber and the rock face, no ropes or safety equipment, It is so dangerous that fewer than 1% of climbers ever attempt it. Death is never more than one slip away.

Alex Honnold, pictured above, surely the greatest free climber of our time, was asked during an interview if he ever felt adrenaline. His reply was interesting: “If I ever feel adrenaline it means something has already gone seriously wrong.” I realize when Alex is climbing he is experiencing both blue and red at the same time. Externally he is in extreme danger, the imminence of death which heightens his awareness in every moment – he is truly present and alive. Yet, a the same time internally he is peaceful, he even whistles as he climbs and smiles at fixed cameras as he passes them on his way to the top.

And one more thing his lifestyle is also a perfect combination of the blue / red dynamic. He is totally committed to this sport, he lives in a van and travels between climbing areas. He has found his purpose. His activity (red) is 100% congruent with his 100% desire (blue).

Alex Honnold video