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B63: The Good Samaritan

Another post in my series where I explore behind the phrases from the original Aura-Soma student notes. I like to  play with connections in order to come to deeper understandings. Today I opened the book at the page for  B63. Emerald Green / Pale Green. The phrase which caught my attention was  "The Good Samaritan"

The Good Samaritan is the subject of a story told by Jesus. He is an example of the good neighbour that we are asked to love "as ourself". The Good Samaritan shows compassion and a willingness to help. Where others avoided an injured man on the road, the Samaritan stopped, and even though the injured man was not of his tribe, still  he helped him, took him to safety and paid for his care. A good neighbour shows kindness to fellow travellers on the road of life. The Good Samaritan is an example of brotherly love. He opens his heart (green) above thoughts of fear or prejudice (yellow) in order to be a good neighbour.


The brotherly love idea is interesting because B63 contains two "brothers" within it -  the two Masters of the Green Ray: Djwal Khul and Hilarion. Is one the helper and the other the helped...?  I think the answer is less obvious, more subtle, and altogether more beautiful.

Pale Green

Lets begin with the base fraction. The key sentence for the pale green, Hilarion energy, is "The Way, the Truth and the Life." That first part, "the Way", is a very important association for Hilarion. It connects with the core green themes of direction and flow. Just imagine a plant in Spring growing and finds its way to get a sense of green finding a way ...  It is easy now to step from pale green as the way ... to pale green as the road.  And from here we can connect to the story of the Good Samaritan because it was to the traveller on the road that the Good Samaritan came.

Emerald Green 

The Emerald Green is a special colour. Honestly speaking it requires an article all of its own, especially since its resonance goes beyond our usual colour / chakra associations. It appears only in three bottles. B63, B64 and B113, and of these B64 provides the key for today’s understanding. B64, Djwal Khul, is placed in Kether in the Tree of Life, and it corresponds to the Ace of Swords in the Tarot. Kether is the Source. Swords are associated with the realm of ideas. Putting this together we can say that Djwal Khul represents the mind of  The Source. Its quality is open, light, detached. It sees life clearly, objectively, without any personal bias. In short can say that Emerald Green is the awareness of God.

Kannagara - The Way of the Gods

Before we put everything together lets include a concept i learned about for the first time this evening. Synchronicity is also part of the Green and Emerald Green theme! A television programme about life in Japan was shown by the BBC this evening. It introduced a Japanese phrase i had not heard before. “Kannagara” It translates as “The Way of the Gods” I think it fits perfectly with B63 ...

The television programme introduced this concept with the example of the Japanese visitors to the London Olympics who shocked British staff by staying behind after the events in order to clear away any rubbish, not only their own but that of the other visitors too. We were then shown some 8 year old Japanese schoolchildren cleaning their classroom without supervision, part of their daily education programme. These examples of kannagara were chosen since purity is one of its principal attributes. Wikipedia tells me sincerity and honesty are two other key qualities, and that kannagara is at the root of Japanese ideal of way to live. One should act as the gods would act. B63, The open, light, present mind of Djwal Khul penetrating the flow of life (Hilarion) is the perfect energetic support for kannagara.

To conclude

The Good Samaritan, travelling along the road of life, responded in the most natural and present way. He responded without fear or selfishness. His conscious mind was seeing with the heart, attuned with harmony and helpfulness. He was responding as would have Spirit (the gods).

All religions and cultures seek to give guidelines for best practice of action but i can see that at the deepest level the "way of the gods" is without rules. It is about being simply present and open. The Fool, the path leading into B63 from above, perfectly supports this; the Fool is without plan or prejudice, The Fool simply walks into life.

Finally we can grasp this deeper more beautiful explanation for the B63 Good Samaritan connection. It is not just two masters standing hand in had at the side of the road. No. In reality the Masters are principles, not personages: DK - is the Divine Mind, Hilarion - is The Way!

The Good Samaritan is one possible expression of what can happen when Divine presence is awake on the path of life.

A living example

Just as i finish this post now and prepare to upload it there is yet another example of the Good Samaritan. Two nights ago there was a big fire in a London apartment block. Many people lost their lives, those that survived lost everything else. The news is full of it and a large part of the story is the way ordinary people have pitched in to help,  Good Samaritans appearing in London today.


Like to go deeper?

As so often happens, opening the door to going deeper brings through many interesting connections. Further topics i could have included in this topic are the grid of consciousness around the planet, the work of Jung and Tolkien, and Rudolf Steiner's view of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces. If you are interested in these subjects let me know. I have plans to share more deeply with those who value my work.

© Dominic Yeoman


  1. Dear Dominic

    Thank you so much for this insight into B63 (my guardian angel bottle) I am very interested in learning more about the work of Jung, Tolkien and Rudolf Steiner please

    Many blessings