Auras, Chakras and the RainbowAuras

The aura is a field of energy that exists within and extends beyond the body. It is a light field with many layers. It has been mapped by the ancients and also by modern researchers such as Barbara Brennan. It is considered to be the field in which consciousness exists. No aura, no consciousness, no life as we know it. One would simply be an inanimate object, like a rock or a piece of meat. Without it, life is not. The aura is the substance from which the soul is built. If the I within the field of the aura is unable to leave the earth when the body dies then it becomes a presence, what we would call a ghost. There are many layers to the aura, each layer is more refined, expanded and spiritually sensitive than the last.


Chakra means wheel in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. Chakras are seen as wheels of energy playing a key role in the aura. There are 7 main chakras situated along the spine. They act as distributors of energy within the light field. They also receive energy from the environment and send energy out. Like a two-way radio they can both receive and transmit energy. Each chakra has a different function. Taken as a whole they encompass the breadth of human experience and potential.

The Rainbow provides the map

With which energies do chakras work? Light. That is why the spiritually attuned seek enlightenment. Seven chakras, seven colours. To perform their roles each chakra is tuned to a slightly different wavelength of energy. The rainbow provides the map to the chakras. The chakras of the aura mirror the rainbow, mapping colour into our personal aura.

Each colour affects different parts of our light field, stimulating different thoughts, feelings and impulses. For example, the ruby glow of the red light district energises the base chakra and so stimulates sexual activity. My interest is to explore the resonances of colour within consciousness, both at the personal level and also at the collective level of society. Ultimately, I believe, we are beings of light and that colour is the fabric of our being.