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23 and Russian Greetings

Continuing my theme of number posts here is a little thought about 23 which comes to me while I stay in a Russian village. Keeping the same structure as described in the previous post with 23, 3 is the inner number and 2 is the outer number. We can say that, in 23, 3 is meeting 2 in the wider world.

One of my main associations with 3 is flow. One way to interpret 2 is as “the other” (one includes everything but with two there is a separating within the one and the “other” appears). So putting these ideas together we can say that with 23 the flow from within is meeting “the other”. Seen like this a greeting can be understood as a 23 activity - from within me something flows out to the other that I meet in the world.

The Russian challenge

So why do I mention Russian greetings specifically? Well if you have ever visited Russia you will probably have noticed that out on the streets Russia is not a particularly friendly place. Behind closed doors with friends it is a different story, Russians are generous and big hearted. But out in public the atmosphere is usually somewhere between impassivity and suspicion. The time when I held open a Moscow shop door for a policeman comes to my mind. It was such an unusual event for him that he was immediately suspicious and demanded that I show him some ID. In Russia challenges can arise in any moment and no-one wants to expose themselves to difficulties unnecessarily. Responding to a stranger's "hello" falls into this category I think.

Reacting to rejection

Nevertheless my wish remains to acknowledge people and so when I am in the village in which my wife grew up I still make the effort to greet those I meet along her road. I think I am either ignored or receive the silent stare pretty much 95% of the time. This response is always difficult because in feeling rejected my tendency is to experience within myself a defensive reaction of rejection towards the person I have just greeted.

This is a natural human tendency I am sure and certainly one I have experienced many many times throughout my life. I do remember though one time when, in the face of rejection, I found myself rising above my normal pattern and continuing to remain open-hearted and loving. Love flowing out even while the other rejected me. In fact I wrote about it in a previous post – a post entitled Rose Pink. A colour that for many, many years existed in only one Equilibrium combination – B23!

Rose Pink / Pink

Rose Pink / Pink

Number and Colour meet

At that time I associated this higher consciousness with Rose Pink. The pink with extra pink that supports love to keep flowing even in the face of rejection. But today I find myself led to the very same theme through the consideration of number rather than colour. Amazing that the number relationship between 3 and 2 is entirely consistent with my experience of the gift of the Rose Pink / Pink colour combination.

King of Wands

By the way B23 as the King of Wands in the Tarot provides yet another confirmation of the gift of this bottle. The King of Wands represents the highest expression of fire energy and shines in Tiphareth, the sun sphere of the Tree of Life. The sun emits light and warmth in a constant outpouring irrespective of the attitude of those receiving it, just as 23 offers the same dynamic in number relationship, and equally just as Rose Pink has the extra love energy to keep giving love. Here is the image of the King of Wands in the Osho Zen tarot, it expresses particularly well the solar dynamic of this energy.

Osho Zen Tarot King of Wands

Osho Zen Tarot
King of Wands

P.S. - my special formula

Faced with this dilemna of wanting to greet people but finding rejection difficult to handle i have been using a particular phrase to allow me to greet people more warmly. I say it in english and that is surely because i would not want it to be understood by those in the village that i greet. I say "I forgive you". Writing it here has made me feel embarrassed. At one point i deleted this last paragraph so ashamed was I - but then i realised something very exciting and so I share it just as it is. What i realised is that "forgive" which is a word i associate with Lady Portia - the pale yellow / pale pink is perhaps instrumental in achieving the positive flow of B23. Why? Because B59 is the light heart of B22 - the Yellow / Pink that precedes B23. Integrating forgiveness is perhaps the key that allows to step up to share the love and light of B23. The name of this bottle that signifies more to me in this moment than it ever did before.

Using this phrase "I forgive you" has enabled me to address people directly. It has been a preemptive statement, a self-fulfilling prophecy that allows me to remain, like the sun, open and out-flowing, independent of their reaction to me. 23 in action. But the phrase also creates a relationship that is not equal or perhaps respectful - keeping power on my side. The awareness i come to today though is that the forgiveness surely relates to me as much as any i meet. If i invite forgiveness for myself in this situation i let go of the fear that underlies my defensiveness and so, by another route, i have arrived at the same point, open to express from the flow within me to the world. 23 🙂

Rose Pink - light and shadow

Rose Pink - light and shadow


  1. Loved this post with your honesty in sharing how you came to your own way of love & light in the face of difficulties & rejection.

  2. Dominic,

    I really enjoyed reading your article on B23. I just wanted to say that it is as you say extremely difficult when being rejected, persecuted, unfairly attacked by others not to react defensively and with anger and frustration (also in B23) and stay centred and loving towards the other person. Sometimes if this happens towards me from someone else, I find it easier to send love and forgiveness than when it happens to one of my loved ones. Then I seem to lose it and react angrily on their behalf and it takes longer for me to be able to send love and healing to that person. I always end up doing it but as I say it takes me longer to do it. I know that that person is just mirroring something in my loved one and at some level they have created it. I also know it could be a karmic test for them, but when one of your children (for instance) becomes the target of a bully, it is incredibly difficult (as a mother anyway) to not react angrily on behalf of your child! I do say I forgive you, but sometimes it is just words being spoken rather than a true forgiveness from the heart. I suppose it’s the intent when said , and if said enough times it can start to wear away the anger and hurt. Knowing something and being something are two very different things and I think these are my challenges. I am trying very hard with this right now and I am very grateful to you for your timely article! Gratitude is also the key – to be grateful for the opportunity for growth the other person or persons are offering. So maybe I will use the B23 next and see how I go….. I will let you know! Lots of love to you and your family and have a great time in Russia. Karen xxx

  3. Hi Dominic, I’m working on this for sure, staying strong despite what others may do. It’s liberating when one can do this and I CAN do this. 23 is my daughter’s favorite number, she will be 23 this year. And I do remember having an Aura Soma reading when she was a baby and I chose the double pink. The reader preferred me NOT to have the double pink and became worried that I was suicidal? Perhaps so, who knows, but anyway pink is still my favorite color.

  4. Thank you for your thoughts on (B)23, Dominic, interesting and lucid as always! As it happens, I was working with B22 during your stay in Haarlem/Amsterdam at the beginning of July and now I have Lady Portia (B59) as my ‘consort’ … Synchronicity?
    My feelings on 22 would be: meeting/mirroring my own duality in and through the other; and on 59: mastering a next step or rounding off a certain aspect in relation to the process of being fully human. Perhaps also the process of individuation.
    Could/would you like to comment on this? … Or perhaps share your thoughts on the numerological interpretation of 22 and 59 and their connection?
    With love and light!

  5. hi Monica, it sounds like the reader of 23 years ago lacked the trust in you and the aura-soma system that the best outcome would arise. pink could have given you just what you needed to make it easier to stay. who knows. but in any case i am impressed by the unique path you have created for yourself working with Nature and beauty. all best wishes, dom

  6. hi karen, i agree the challenge not to just say the words but for it to also be real within. i wrote something about this a while ago when i talked about Equilibrium having two fractions – the top oil part is our idealistic self, the lower watery part is where we carry our deeper thoughts and feelings. for healing to work these lower part has to be integrated – just as the two fractions have to be mixed. in the previous articel i wrote about this in relation to the consultation but it is equally true within the microcosm of our inner world. with love dom

  7. Perhaps beyond 22 mirroring your own duality it can also be the potential for the acceptance of all that is seen in the mirror. At this point lady portia as 59 brings the dimension of forgiveness to what has been seen. we first need to see (accept) only then is forgiveness possible. Not a foregone concluson but a possibility. quintessence lady portia will help. i think of 59 as the last step 9 of being human 5. accept our human journey with its troughs and valleys as well as its peaks. 🙂 best wishes as always dom

  8. Thank you for this excellent comment. I enjoyed all the other posts as well.

    This will help me in the future. I very much love Rose Pink – I use it in decoration all round my flat. When my daughter was ill I used to imagine us when hugging surrounded by the colour. It was comforting and I believe did the trick.

    I had an incident this week at work where someone I worked with was unusually difficult – I had never had trouble with him before – and he could not seem to understand what I was telling him which was the true story of the project we were following. I have learned to try and work through these challenges as part of my spiritual menu and we got to a point where we seemed to relate well again, and then he took it further! It made me feel quite ill and I thought he was being thick when I was trying to show him the true way. I feel that your “I forgive you” will help me immensely in taking this forward. It seems a recurring theme in my life of speaking the truth and being misunderstood. I now feel I have a tool to deal with it when it next comes up.

    Love Diana

  9. i am glad you found it helpful. As i say i hesitated about sharing my words but it is good to know they resonate with others too. best wishes.

  10. A few months ago I had a dream : pale yellow/pale pink. I started using this bottle B59.
    My process at that time was: how can I love again? How can my love go out into the world again?
    It is amazing that the only key is for me is to forgive.
    Dear Dominique, tanks for sharing. I love your blogs and also you