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Yellow and Violet

The other day I was driven to the airport by a taxi driver who was a friend of my Aura-Soma host. He had an Aura-Soma Equilibrium pendant hanging in the front of his car. The colour was Green/Green., the B10 combination Very fitting I thought since green is to do with flow and space, it is just what is needed to drive through a big city. I mentioned this to him and he replied, speaking good English, that he did not like red: red traffic lights, having to stop.

B18 Yellow / Violet

He then asked me, as happens from time to time, what colour should he have. As always I turned the question back to him, “What colour would he choose? I asked. His answer was Yellow and Violet – I think perhaps he had seen the bottles at the Aura-Soma centre and chosen this combination. I considered this and realized that this combination suited his occupation of taxi driver very well. He works in his own kingdom (his car) yet, while working, he is at the service of his passenger. It is part yellow – himself and his kingdom, and part violet – service to others.


My interest piqued I asked him if he had ever wanted to be something else – a more ambitious job perhaps? He replied “Not really” He said for many years he had been a driving instructor living and working in Canada. I realized this job was the same dynamic as taxi driver – in his vehicle but at the service of another.

A happy life

“I just want a happy life” he said. I though what a positive expression of Yellow / Violet. The yellow that can tend towards power and control is balanced by its complementary colour violet. He doesn’t need to be that important or powerful. Time when he is active (yellow) and time when he is quiet (violet), like the waxing and waning moon, that is his happiness.

B18 Yellow Violet

B18 Yellow Violet