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Trump. Blue and Orange in the US election

Last week Donald Trump became the President Elect of the USA. Some say the most powerful position in the world. Certainly as a position of powerful leadership it resonates with blue, the voice of authority. Yet in this election i am struck by the importance of orange, blue’s complementary opposite, in the process.

The election of Trump seemed an impossibility to the elites and media, even days before the election. Why was he successful? My thought today is that it is not about policy, it is about the energetic state of the collective consciousness. This is the level at which he has struck a chord. This collective consciousness can be associated with the energy of orange. It lies beneath our yellow individual consciousness from which we like to think we live our daily life.

Take the example of a shoal of fish under threat. The threat is urgent and immediate. The shoal contracts into a ball of intense activity. The ball begins to whirl faster and faster as the fish within it, desperate to stay safe, are overtaken by instinct. They are overtaken by instinct, swim at top speed yet go nowhere. The end is usually tragic with the whole shoal destroyed. If fish are able to experience panic then this is panic in action. I am beginning to think that there is a deeply hidden but slowly growing sense of agitation in the shoal of humanity. Not yet anywhere near the level experienced by these fish, but nevertheless a feeling that is beginning to acquire a momentum within our collective field.


You might be thinking “Really?” “We are grown-up” “We couldn’t be panicked like that.” Let me offer an example from my own experience of people falling from yellow into orange consciousness. Some years ago I was in Los Angeles airport. I was in transit, but had the opportunity to pass out of passport control and into the Arrivals Hall. A man approached me, “Did i want a ride to the city? A taxi was about to leave …”  Being in transit my response was simple - of course not, i did not have to think twice about it. However, a few minutes later a commotion suddenly erupted right next to me. A group of people were suddenly being hurried outside, there was a sense of urgency. people were shouting, the minibus was about to leave. It was compelling and I watched, uncomprehendingly, as the party passed through the doors to get into bus. Only later it dawned on me - it had been a hustle. These new arrivals, no doubt jet lagged, had their wish for transport suddenly injected with urgency and fear. In such a state they were easily manipulated, herded into a taxi that perhaps they would regret entering. The urgency of red, the “emergency / danger / act now” had risen into their yellow rational mind clouding their clarity. in this state they were able to herded out of the door and into the taxi. They were hustled. It is a small example  affecting just a few people, but I am realising that the forces it reveals are active in society too these days.

The News

One principal creator of this growing disturbance in orange is, i believe, the News, both its content and its intensity. Increasingly bad news, especially: war, bombings, acts of terror, and refugees, can be overwhelming at times these days. Riots, gun crime, Black Lives Matter, epidemics such as zika and ebola … all add to the pressure. They are all events which seem out of control. The fact that we  now live in a 24 hour non-stop news cycle compounds the problem. This bad news is being constantly poured into the collective consciousness. TV screens are everywhere these days, not just in private homes. The news is always in the air, a constant background noise.


The way the news is presented is also telling. It is presented with a voice of authority (blue) and in a  matter-of-fact (red) way. We are not encouraged to question it (yellow). Our conscious mind could be a gate keeper, deciding what we admit or don’t admit into our world, but the voice of the news, rather like that of our parents when we were small children, carries the weight of authority with it. And we have been trained to accept authority. Thus the images and information of the news generally flow directly into our world view and become part of our subconscious structure.

Ripples in consciousness

As they enter our consciousness though they have an effect. Just as a drop of water falling into a pool creates a ripple, so too does each news item create a vibration as it falls into the collective consciousness. My image is of a barrel of water, filled to the brim. The drip of news has on occasion recently reached a frequency where the ability of the collective to absorb the ripples peacefully in real time has been overwhelmed. In these moments the ripples are so intense that instead of being dissipated they remain active in the unconscious and begin to reinforce each other. At a certain point the resonance of this is such that a swirl begins to develop in the collective consciousness, a swirl which has momentum of its own, rather like the movement of the fish in the picture we saw previously. Such a swirl which needs an outlet. It is a swirl which can be tapped. Enter Donald Trump. It has been said Trump’s success is not that of a campaign, it is that of a movement.

Orange seeks Blue 

When the energies in the orange begin to swirl it is easy to be swayed. Remember the people who were   hustled into the taxi at the airport. They were grown up adults but in that moment of confusion they surrendered their authority and followed directions unquestioningly. They became childlike. This is the key. We all lived in orange once; when we were too young to stand on our own two feet, the age when we were so easily overwhelmed by emotion, we needed our parents to take care of us. This time remains in our subconscious. Now we have grown up but still, when orange is agitated and overwhelmed, the instinct remains to look for someone to take responsibility, someone in whom we can trust, someone who will make everything all right. this is orange seeking blue.

Enter the Demagogue

If we are overwhelmed by crisis we are willing to project that blue, that leadership, onto someone outside ourself. Trump has very skilfully inserted himself into this position. He is not familiar with governing but because people are vibrating in orange this is not a problem. People are not in yellow rational mind, so Trump can oversimplify the problems, promise the impossible, dismiss reasoned arguments, fear monger scapegoat and dismiss his opponents with insults, (all listed in wikipedia as methods of the demagogue). Of course he has also been helped immensely by the corruption of Hilary Clinton and the Washington system. In Trump's case the fundamental emotion Trump has been able to capitalise on is anger. People who have seen their jobs disappear to overseas factories, and to, they believe migrants at home. people who earn less today than they did 10 years ago, while the richest 1% have got so much wealthier, These people feel angry. On the surface they have day to day worries fear yellow, but underneath their red anger has been awoken. And it is Donald Trump who has, very successfully, placed himself as the one on whom they can project their wish for leadership. A placard you often saw at his rallies was "the silent majority"


Thus his speeches may not make much sense if you listen to them with a yellow thinking mind but this doesn't matter. There is no thought out policy behind them but this doesn't matter either. For those who are angry all they want is someone to believe in.  This is why the sophisticated pundits and politicians have been pulling their hair out. If people were to really think about what Trump is saying there would be so many questions. But people’s clear thinking has been overwhelmed by the emotion in orange.

Yellow does not get orange

It is ironic that the very people who have created the conditions for Trump’s success, the politicians who are part of the elite that has created the chaos in the world and the media who promote it night and day, the people who are supposedly so clever, so sophisticated, so knowledgeable, they simply could not get what was happening. It seems to me they were so invested in yellow that they simply could not acknowledge the power in orange.


And truly it has been a victory for orange. It is Trump with his populist touch, his feel for the mood of the audience, an outsider who can afford to say outrageous things about the establishment, who has tapped the energy within the orange collective consciousness. His blue voice has been used to speak for the emotions of those within the orange of the community of the common people. How it will transfer to become the voice of authority over the people we shall see.

Friends of mine have been questioning how we feel that Trump will soon be the man with his finger on the nuclear button. For me this question is not only  about Trump, the man. It is about the forces in the collective too. There is an old question in history. “Do great leaders create history, or are they they the figurehead for the tide of the times?” Trump will soon be the leader. He has played with some very powerful forces to reach the top, whether he can focus those forces positively (blue) or whether they will overwhelm him (orange) remains to be seen.


Like to know more?

If you would like to know more about this subject, particularly how we may individually overcome the danger of swirl in the collective, then i am presenting a day on complementary colours in including the blue orange axis in London on December 3rd. If you are unable to attend that then email me at to request the further article i will send out after the 3rd December.

© Dominic Yeoman