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Tantric Illumination

I got some wonderful photos of B105 the other day - all the ones you see below appeared just as you see them with no editing. It was a special light. The morning sun was shining clear and straight through the bottle creating a beautiful light full coral shine on the white wall of my office.


I am sure that B105 is an important key in our growing as humanity. Not just because we need to learn to live together and treat each other as we would ourselves. I believe there is more to it.  My Rainbow Evolution course explores a new rainbow of tertiary colours in which coral is not a chakra but our collectivity - humanity as a whole. A collective awakening. This is one way to interpret our evolution, out of our (apparent) separation consciousness (yellow) and into an awareness of our deeper copnnectedness. The golden flecks in B105 speak of soul consciousness rather than ego consciousness.

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Arguelles, the man who popularised the Mayan calendar, first came to fame when he called for a global event to honour what he called the Harmonic Convergence on August 16 / 17 1987. There are many levels to this event but the one i focus on here is the idea of the convergence between our  human self and our spiritual other - which is really our greater consciousness. He described it as a "synchronisation of being" resulting in a "release of recollection" and a "knowing better what we should do next". In my own journey, without any conscious plan on my part, i am noticing that the courses i have been developing these last few years are sharing one theme, moving in the same direction -   towards this Light self.

From Mystery to Mastery - a B108 course - which supports an evolution of our personality through the stimulus of turquoise individuation;  through Alchemy of Creativity a B109 course which stimulates the incarnational star to activate in relation to the soul star, to now, a B110 course, Tantric Illumination, which focuses on the approach and integration of our light being self with our human condition. Bringing the light to the physical - the aura to the soma.

B105 and its light other.

B105 and its light other.


The light self approaches the physical.

The light self approaches the physical.

Read more about the new course here. It will be presented in Slovakia - March 15 - 17 ( and Hungary April 12 - 14 (

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  1. Hi Dominic, I want to thank you for all your insightful posts. This one on B105 really resonated with me not least because I started using it only last week. It has brought up quite a lot of strong emotion for me around the feminine in myself and the role of the females within my family of origin.
    The feminine within me is asking to be heard and respected more than has been the case up to now-I believe this is happening in the collective too. I sense B105 is strengthening my resolve and my back bone for the new times ahead.
    Good luck with all your courses!

  2. hello Dominic,

    yes, it is a beautiful and warming bottle that I added to a series of bottles I used this weekend in a feminine presence workshop. It helped a lot to give insight into the healing of the collective feminine aspect in a family line . A lady loved the golden flakes in it as it gave her great joy to connect to the golden link to her power as she called it.
    I very much agree to your link about our awareness becoming conscious of the link to our spiritual self/ greater consciousness and the synchronicity that it can bring.
    love Eva

  3. Hi Eva. Do you think the coral is feminine by nature or is it that women who have been most oppressed have the most to benefit from the coral gift of learning to respect themselves? Or, thinking about it as i write, that it is the feminine in us all which needs to be nurtured and shine?