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Purple – The Doorway to Spirit

Purple is not easily understood. It is easy to mistake for the more common violet when viewing Equilibrium bottles. It only appears in two of the Equilibrium bottles: B19 and B25. The first time is underneath red in B19, the second time is above magenta in B25. This is already interesting since red and magenta are the opposite ends of the spectrum. Red for the base and the earth, magenta for the soul star above the crown and spirit. As you will see these two colours give the clue to purple's unique gift.

Learning from an old man

It was meeting an elderly Japanese man on Okinawa recently which started this insight into purple. A stranger, we had simply asked him to take a photo of our group in the castle grounds. Not shy  though he asked me where i was from and, one thing led to another, he was sitting down next to me and a lot of talking was happening. One sentence from him stood out to me:

 “You have to use your energy to live your purpose”

This was his reply when I expressed surprise he announced that he planned to return to education at the age of 70. He was now a mere 65 and he had just completed his degree. At 70 was his thinking to start his PhD. Most people are thinking of slowing down at that age I suggested. “No,” he replied, “we should always be offering something. If my body works I can pick up litter. If I am bed -ridden then I can still write a newspaper article.” He admitted that this too was something he did for a local newspaper.

What is your favourite colour i asked. Purple came the reply. Of course! He was i realised a perfect example of purple. Violet, purple close cousin, though it has red within it, can lack the oomph to get out and live. Violet is a more spiritually retiring colour. This gentleman in front of me had no wish to retreat into a monastery. He was actively engaging with life, contributing wherever he could. ...  He had the violet for service but it came with that extra red to make it happen. Energy (red) for service to others (violet)


Learning from a young man

As i began to write this I was reminded of another “purple” person. Fraser Booth. If you ever came across a purple Om symbol in the Aura-Soma website that is Fraser’s mark – purple is his favourite colour. Fraser too is inspiring. He has lots of energy, a great enthusiasm which is combined with a wish to help. Whenever he visits us here at home he likes to do something, not just sit and talk. Make, mend, play, introduce us to a new software or troubleshoot our computers. Energy to contribute - Fraser is an absolute blessing. 

It is almost as if these people go out of their way to be helpful. Yet they do it in an un-self conscious way. I have the sense that neither Fraser nor the Japanese man carry a scorecard of who they have helped and who owes them what. they give i think because it gives them pleasure, it fulfils them. Perhaps Florence Nightingale was the same - the B25 Purple Magenta combination is named after her. She was so keen to give that she created a whole new opportunity to do so, she was the first woman to travel and care for wounded soldiers overseas.  I think purple people can be considered philanthropists.


From Greek the word literally means a "love (philo) of humanity (anthropos)" The Wikipedia Free Dictionary expresses it very nicely philanthropy nurtures our humanity - not jus for the receiver but also in the giver, philanthropy allows the giver to express and develop their humanity too. To give is to be human!

Fraser has this philanthropic streak. Generous wherever he goes, much of his good fortune comes from having created a software system to enable patients to access their medical records. It is a project for the common good. Which brings me back to the Japanese man, who, like

Ultimately i see purple as the bridge between the Crown chakra and the Soul Star above, Purple is the activity of receiving the soul's impulse to act, to serve, to live in tis world.

Life is for living

Finally, coupled with this impulse for philanthropy, comes a further quality that both the old man and Fraser shared. They both seem to be really good at meeting new people. The old man had sat down and talked with us for 10 minutes though he had only been asked to take a group photo. Fraser travels the world but he never seems to be alone. He is always meeting people, making conversation and connections. There always seems to be a party around him. I think this capacity to engage with others comes form the same root as the philanthropy. It is a an appreciation of being human, of being here, now and together. From magenta through purple and a passionate enthusiasm for life.

I wondered about uploading this post now since Cassiel is still the hot news. But the fact is I saw Fraser the day before Cassiel was born, we talked about purple and also about Sandalphon which is his favourite bottle. And then it was he who, early the next morning, sent us the news that a new bottle B113 had been born. It was a double celebration, not only Archangel Cassiel's birthday but also Fraser's. Fraser and Cassiel share the same birthday! I have a feeling that there is a purple link with Cassiel, and i also have an idea what it is ...  see next Cassiel post for more.

Happy Birthday Fraser.

Happy Birthday Fraser

Happy Birthday Fraser





  1. Thank you for sharing your insights. I will look at purple with new eyes and new understanding of serving others.