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Pale Coral Pomander. First Thoughts

A new pomander has been born. Pale Coral. Saturday 23rd September, 2017.

It has a warm fragrance. Something spicy and stimulating like cinnamon or nutmeg, but balanced with a smooth soft quality. As i passed it around me I felt a tingling in my aura. more than i usually do. This pomander is particularly energetically stimulating. Perhaps this is a factor because it does seem to precipitate action.  The first example is from my boys. They did not use the pomander but the weekend it was born they got busy.

Awakening to our surroundings

My eldest son Daniel spontaneously decided to rearrange his bedroom, inspiring his younger brother Timothy to do the same. It was their decision to make this change and the choices of what to keep and where to put things were theirs too. This focus on their environment, even if physical rather than emotional, is a very coral theme. Remember the Aura-Soma Training mentions coral in the ocean as an example of coral themes: firstly, the living together theme - every coral polyp has its own little room! And secondly, sensitivity to the environment, coral reefs are known for being quick to respond to changes in the water around them. My sons showed sensitivity to the living space around them on this coral weekend.

The fact that my sons acted on their own initiative is the deeper and more surprising aspect of coral as it is now appearing. I say this because when the Pale Coral first appeared in B87 one of the original keynotes was “Unrequited Love”. This phrase brought with it associations of dependency, helplessness, and an inability to care for oneself. Yet in this example from 2017 my sons took the responsibility to affect change in the world around them.

Taking one's place

The second example is from my own weekend. The outer event looks different but the underlying themes are the same. The morning after the Pale Coral pomander was born I made an announcement on my Facebook page…

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Today i present a new course, Keys to Understanding the Tree of Life. It is the first course of my own school The Spiritual Dimension.”

Honestly speaking i did not think as i wrote it that it would sound as dramatic as it does, And yet it does. And it is the truth. I can say that synchronous with the birth of the Pale Coral I too have affected a change in my surroundings. In my case i have created a new “room” around me, a structure for my presence and offering to the world.

Magenta to Coral. Impulse to Grounding

As i consider these two examples i see a fascinating connection between the emerging theme of the Pale Coral energy  and that of the previous pomander, the Magenta which was created last June. I can see how the Pale Coral is the natural next step.

Magenta and the magenta pomander are all about stimulating the impulse from the Soul Star above the crown chakra. As this energy begins to flow down and into our life it is natural that it will begin to express in our world, begin to show in our life.

I now see that the Pale Coral creates a softness and receptivity in our aura. This atmosphere supports our soul wishes from Magenta to flow more easily and naturally into our outer world. Launching a new school or rearranging our room are just two examples of self expression coming from a deeper level.

Discovering how Pale Coral complements Magenta is especially striking since the Pale Coral pomander was born the very day after i finished teaching my magenta course - Sacred Time. I identified Sacred Time to be magenta in my final post on the magenta energy because it focuses on aligning our life on Earth with the impulse that comes from our Higher Self in the 8th chakra. It is therefore  a wonderful synchronicity that I should have presented the Sacred Time course in the very last days of the Magenta pomander! I had no idea that the Pale Coral pomander would be  born on the very next day after Sacred Time finished.

Manifesting the true "I Am" 

As i think about grounding from the magenta impulse of Spirit i begin to think about something bigger than actions. Actions occur in time, but being is bigger. Being is behind doing. The most important thing of all to ground from the spiritual dimension is our soul presence. I am beginning to think that the Pale Coral pomander is a kind of shock absorber to help the soul itself to emerge into society, into the collective.

There is an excellent  representation of this idea in the original Aura-Soma Tarot image for the Pale Coral B87 Equilibrium bottle - The Return of The Hermit. The picture shows the deeper Soul Self (resonant with gold and behind that magenta) showing its true face from behind the mask of personality (a construct of yellow)


As human beings we become the Hermit when we wish to turn away from the world in order to find our deeper identity. Once found though it can be that the Soul Self no longer feels the need to hide from the world. There are gifts and qualities from the Spiritual Dimension which are ready and waiting to be shared. We live together, we participate in the creation of this shared world. I hope that it is this readiness which moved me to write my Facebook announcement of "the first day of the rest of my life"

The collective field

Finally i come to the most obvious and traditional theme of coral, that of the collective. This theme is really fitting with Aura-Soma’s own story as we approach the “Ground Zero” of November. A new start is promised. Teacher updates in Japan and Austria, with Costa Rica in 2018. Invitations have been extended to all in the Aura-Soma family.

It is a subject i would like to write about separately to these first thoughts. But there is no denying the synchronicity of the Pale Coral  pomander and this rapidly approaching event. What will be born in the collective in November?

As that question hangs in the air let me share one final observation. I was with Fraser Booth when he first applied the Pale Coral pomander.  After inhaling he said to me "Do you know what that smell reminds me of? The smell at Gold Hill West."  (Gold Hill West is where Aura-Soma was born, the house in which Vicky Wall brought the first Balance bottles into being.) Fraser used to visit there as a young boy when Mike worked there with Vicky and Margaret. Something helpful to connect with the origins of Aura-Soma then perhaps.

where it all began

Gold Hill West



  1. Dear Dominic,
    It was very special for me to read your ideas to the pale coral pomander. I am on Santorin where I organized and had my course „Magic journey Santorin“ (the 8th). Being very connected with coral and magenta your thoughts touched me deeply, also Fraser’s comment – so the bridge to Vicky.
    Being away from the official life of Aura-Soma for a while I still could feel deep in my heart my connection to Aura-Soma and the beautiful people worldwide – that will stay (from eternity to eternity).
    With a very big hug and lots of love – Hanni

  2. Dear Hanni
    I am happy to hear from you. And to know that you are working in beautiful places. If i were asked what colour you are i would immediately say turquoise. And then coral would quickly follow as a second choice. Being true to yourself and still feeling connected is a very turquoise coral dynamic. When i add my birthday number in the following way: 2+7 + 3 + 19 + 62 i get a 93. From this point of view i am Coral / Turquoise too! And as i contemplate the real possibility of being out of official Aura-Soma by the end of next month myself i can say i can imagine how it feels. I send you love and hug too. Dominic

  3. I like this Dominic….just about to do a new workshop on Sacred Number and Colour this Sunday and the Pale Coral may wellbe in the exploration of our personal number and colour codes.Did you have any time to look at yr Astro Aura data..would love to have yr comments thank you. X

  4. Hello Sarah. Apologies. I have only just found this. I hope your workshop went well. Your work is fascinating and i will comment by email. Best wishes