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Magenta Pomander – Part 1: Godzilla

Two weeks ago today i first experienced the new magenta pomander. I have been using and reflecting upon it  these last two weeks and it has led to many interesting connections, from Socrates to Nietzsche, from Tantra to Godzilla! Most importantly it has given me a very clear idea on the difference between Magenta and Deep Magenta. As this process has been deep and rewarding i will offer the ideas in a series of posts rather than one long article. Today is Part 1 - Magenta and Godzilla.

Synchronicity and The First Sharing

Sunday 26th June I had my first experience of Magenta pomander. Though I had not yet obtained my own some friends of mine visiting Tetford for the Bridge course were able to share theirs with me. It was at Rose Cottage, one of the Aura-Soma houses in the village. As the magenta entered my aura i felt very energised, the fragrance was noticeable and stimulating in a way i cannot describe. How often do we get the chance to experience a pomander for the first time? Altogether it was a lovely experience and the learning about this new pomander began straight away.


These friends I was visiting were from Hiroshima, Japan. I was suddenly struck by a thought. This was not my first magenta Hiroshima experience. Many years ago when B104 the Rose Pink / Magenta combination named Archangel Chamael was born, I was just arriving in  Hiroshima for my first ever course there. My visits to the Peace Museum and the nearby island of Miwajima gave me what remains till this day my deepest insight into that Rose Pink / Magenta combination. Now here i was again, meeting a new magenta energy in the company of Hiroshima. This an an interesting coincidence, but what happened next gave me real pause of thought.


One of these students decided she wanted to give me a present and, since she was a huge Godzilla fan, she presented me with a pack of Godzilla design fridge magnets. She also turned to show me Godzilla striding across the back of her t-shirt. Of course i had seen Godzilla as a child, this cinematic monster dominating the Tokyo skyline, but, with the magenta vibration still hanging in the air I needed to know more …


Ritsuko told me Godzilla is an ancient monster who lived in the ocean depths. It was the atom bomb, its fiery blasts, which had called it up from the deep. These bomb blasts did something more too, they Godzilla a super-power: “Atomic breath.” This destructive force was generated from deep within Godzilla’s body and blasted out against all who threatened him.* So here was yet another Hiroshima resonance. The atom bomb. While i would have associated Godzilla with Tokyo, the atom bomb is forever associated with Hiroshima.

The Quantum World

The reason i was especially excited by this story however was not Hiroshima or the atom bomb per se. It is the connection between magenta and the sub atomic world, the world from which the atom bomb obtains its power. An atom bomb is not explosive in the normal way like dynamite for example. The power of the atom bomb is present in all matter everywhere. And it is enormous. Einstein quantified it in his most famous equation: E = mc2. The energy E of matter equals its mass multiplied by  the speed of light squared - a truly huge number. The creators of the atomic bomb found the way to create a chain reaction in which the ties that hold matter together are burst asunder. It is the conversion of matter into pure energy: heat, light and force, that gives the atom bomb its enormous destructive power. Matter simply disappears as it becomes pure energy.  Interesting to think of Godzilla’s atomic breath,  raw and destructive though it may be, as nevertheless a very magenta phenomenon. Could the magenta pomander be an expression of a quantum world 8th chakra blast?

Red to Magenta

That red corresponds to matter is information we all meet in the Level 1 Aura-Soma course; red is for the base chakra, red is for grounding, red is for the physical body, red is for the material world. What about magenta? It is not part of the traditional rainbow. The traditional rainbow corresponds to chakras that exist within the physical body, with violet, the colour furthest from red corresponding to the crown chakra. Magenta, as the next colour along from violet, thus corresponds to a purely energetic centre, the 8th chakra above the crown. Magenta has no physical correspondence. Its association is purely energetic. Thus magenta is the perfect association for the sub atomic purely energetic quantum world.

Here is the key. Atoms are the building blocks of the material world - red. In the design of the atom bomb that red matter is "disappeared" into pure energy - magenta. How interesting then that the occasion I received the magenta pomander for the first time it was:

  1. in the company of Hiroshima, the place that first experienced the atomic blast, and
  2. in conjunction with being presented images of Godzilla, the monster awakened by the atomic blast and who, in turn, generates this atomic magenta breath and focuses it on his foes

Flowing down

The final synchronicity of the evening lay in two t-shirts. One is Ritsuko's Godzilla T-shirt which I have already mentioned. The second is my own, a magenta one which I was given as a present by an old family friend the very day that the Magenta Pomander was born. When i first saw my magenta t-shirt I was not sure about the design - it had an inverted pentagram - a symbol usually associated with the devil - on the left side of the chest. But the deeper significance of this symbol is that energy / awareness is focussed downwards, that is towards the earth / the material world. During the evening i noticed that Ritsuko's Godzilla t-shirt had a similar theme. On her left chest was the name Godzilla and above it the image of Godzilla's clawed foot stamping down. As i think about the message from this, i believe it suggests the 8th chakra. Both the downward pointing star and the foot suggest a movement towards the earth. With magenta located above the head, downwards is the natural practical movement of the magenta itself.

magenta t-shirt


These first synchronicities offer an interesting angle on magenta. Through Hiroshima and Godzilla we are led to the quantum level of reality, a level often seen as the domain of spirit. Mysteriously responsive to consciousness the quantum level is purely energetic, like the 8th chakra and the aura.

In Part 2 we will meet the German philosopher Nietszche and the Tree of Life. Meanwhile if you would like to read a bit more about Magenta and the Quantum level, here is a great post from the past, Bleep: Keys to Creating Reality

Till soon

godzilla 2