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Egyptian revolution and turquoise – one year on

This time last year the protests in Egypt were the global news. Wael Ghonim was one of the people instrumental in the process – as a consequence of seeing images a of Khaled Said, a young Egyptian man killed by security forces on 8th June he created a Facebook page “We are all Khaled Said” This page became a rallying point for those who wanted change -in its first day it had 36,000 visits. This Monday I heard him interviewed on the BBC. Two things he said stood out to me.

Everyone has their own voice

The first was that on this Facebook page he wrote personally as “I” not “we”. He did not try to speak for others – he spoke only for himself – even though he believed that many others would feel as he did. As he expressed it: “Everyone has a voice. I was very keen to be part of the mainstream – I did not want to be a leader.” When I heard this I thought Turquoise. His choice honours the Aquarian ideal of democracy – that everyone has a voice (Facebook and the internet is also like this). This can be compared with revolutions of the previous time when revolutionary leaders such as Lenin etc spoke for the collective.

How to bring a virtual movement into the real world?

Wael said that this was the big question for the people visiting the Facebook page. “Would the virtual world become active in the real world?” This mention of two worlds put me in mind of a Tarot card image – that of B86 the Return Journey of Justice in the original Aura-Soma Tarot.

B86 - Justice Return Journey - Aura-Soma Tarot

As you can see there is a lady within a kite shape between two pillars. She holds a sword that points down to what appears to be the water of a lake. In the water appears the reflection of the sword. This image shows something about the Tree of Life - the kite shape within which the lady appears is the inner world – the world of potential. The water of the lake represents the outer world. The world of physical action. The internet discussion “how can the virtual world have an effect on the physical world” is represented in this image which shows that movement – an impulse from above to below or from within to without.

Egypt and a Turning Point.

As I write I notice an unexpected synchronicity – Wael Ghonim created the Facebook page on 8th June. That is 8/6 (UK style), these two numbers brought together make 86 – the number of the bottle that relates to the previous Tarot image! Moreover we could say that within 86 - 6 is an energy of turning point for 8. B8 is named Anubis – a very Egyptian resonance. And what is more B8 is the Outward Journey of the Path of Justice for which B86 is the Return!


  1. Wow….. today tens of thousands of people take to the streets in Moscow to protest against Putin !