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2017 A year for The Star

Dear friends

2017 is here and i wish you all the very best for this coming year…   I created this picture on the 1st January. Today i share the thoughts behind it.


These thoughts draw on number, Aura-Soma, and Tarot and offer a perspective on the potential of 2017. As i look at my own life the ideas i will share here certainly resonate with my own plans for the year. And just checking back to 2016 the analysis is very fitting with what we witnessed last year... Read on to learn more.

The Breakdown of 2016

2016, was true to its association with the Tower in the Tarot, the traditional image for which is a Tower being struck by lightning and falling to the ground. We saw breakdowns in established structures everywhere. From the EU and Brexit, to leadership changes in all British political parties and the biggest surprise of all, Trump’s victory in US presidential elections. We even had a small team Leicester City come out of nowhere to win the English premier football league! It was a year both to remember and forget.

The Star

We have now entered 2017, the year of The Star. In Aura-Soma's Equilibrium range B17 is the Green Violet combination known as The Troubadour bottle. There are two B17 bottles in the picture, one in front of magenta candle, the second, with a more faded violet base, is between the two candles. I included this second one too because it is one of the original B75 ml Balance bottles. The colours of B17 resonate with an inner spiritual quietness (violet) which is given a a way to express in the space of the world (green). It suggests 2017 is a year to live our soul purpose as we receive inspiration and flow with it into the world.  Another way to say this, perhaps more understandable to the troubadours of the past, "Time to sing your song."


Our freedom to step out in this new way has been helped by last year's process. The Violet / Violet Tower of 2016  acted to loosen the limiting factors of the past, breaking down structures that have become outmoded. With B17 the appearance of green in the top expresses new growth.

The Source of Growth

The new growth will be inspired by something not visible in B17. Violet is by nature a soothing, quietening colour. It resonates with the crown chakra. As we become more still our crown chakra can begin to open, and in opening we become receptive to that which inspires us, the Higher Self, the Soul Star in the magenta area above our head. The one big star above the 7 chakras. This is the message in the original Aura-Soma Tarot image of The Star which i included in the background of my New Year picture.


This image clearly shows why the Magenta pomander, born last June, remains so significant and helpful. It actively stimulates the Soul Star above our crown, inviting its insights into our awareness, inspiring us to live as the Troubadour walking and sharing our truth.

B95. Confirmation

This theme is confirmed when we see the third bottle i included in my picture. It is B95 the second Equilibrium bottle on the path of The Star. Magenta appears in the top fraction of this bottle, the Magenta Gold combination. These colours express the inner dynamic required to live our truth, namely that our magenta soul star and our gold incarnation star be connected and interactive. When this happens our gold begins to shine our potential into the world.


Creating Community

This brings us to the bigger picture. B114, the Coral / Deep Magenta is the most recent addition to the Equilibrium sequence. It represents a rescue (deep magenta) for for togetherness (coral).  From divided politics, divided communities, war torn regions and the pressures of mass migration this is the collective challenge. Yet each of us can only be responsible for our part. By listening to our star and living our truth we take responsibility for the only part that is truly in our hands. And in so doing we are contributing moment by moment to the fulfilment of  spiritually aligned community upon the Earth. Not all will participate. Fear is often a factor. Still 2017 carries the energy to support us to peacefully begin to sing our song. A coral / choral rescue in which we each sing our song but collectively create a vibrating harmony.


The Spiritual Dimension

I see it as an exciting year for me personally as i am embarking on a new stage of my work. It is the biggest development in my own career since i left Dev Aura- in 2001. I am creating an educational process called The Spiritual Dimension. It focuses precisely on this theme of living from the magenta and is the fruit of these many years creating courses, exploring and sharing the wisdom and gifts of Aura-Soma. I look forward to sharing more information on this in the next few weeks. In fact i have many exciting initiatives to share with you so stay tuned.

What are your dreams? What is the song you wish to sing this year? i will be happy to hear from you. A year to share together.



  1. Dear Dominic
    First of all: an inspiring and blessfull 2017 to you and your family!
    When I read your insights I think 2017 is becoming a wonderfull year for you. And I think it’s gonna be the same for me 😉
    I do recognize a lot in your words and I feeling blessed that I can experience the new opportunities tlaying in front of me.
    In 2016 I have chosen to take more time to expand Colourful Energies and I have the trust (76 is my first bottle ever chosen) that it is growing in 2017!! In that first choice of Aura-Soma bottles 95 appeared on the third spot, so Gabriël is always near me.
    So I am very curious reading your initiatives and insights. Do you know already if (and when) you are going to Glastonbury this year (I mean the trip you made last year in september?). I am interested and like to hear more from you.
    Very kind regards, Marij

  2. I discovered your Blog, dear Dominique, and I am very interesting to read more.
    Thanks for all our valuable thoughts, which you share with us!

  3. Dear Marij, Thank you for your words. Yes i have good news about Glastonbury. I have booked the teaching room at Chalice Well from September 19th – 22nd to present the course Sacred Time. i will send the details to you tomorrow.

  4. Thank you Margrit. I take my inspiration from the world and i enjoy to discover these ideas and connections. Sending you love for a happy year.