Aura-Soma Recommended Products

All the Aura-Soma products are made with love and intention in the UK. They are the practical part of a spiritually-inspired colour care system which is designed to support personal and planetary consciousness growth. All products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients wherever possible and they are at the cutting edge of New Age technologies. Here is an introduction to the main product ranges within the system.

Equilibrium Aura-Soma Products


These glittering dual-coloured combination bottles are at the heart of the Aura-Soma system. They are both a diagnostic tool and the principal agent for rebalancing and revitalising the aura. Designed to be used on the body, they contain colour, plant and crystal energies in fractions of oil over water. ...more


These come in a choice of 15 colours and are designed to be applied in the aura around the body. Take three drops in the palm of your hand and gently waft their colour and fragrance around you, it will cleanse, protect, and energise your aura. The pomanders contain herbs and essential oils, colour and crystal energies in an alcohol base (rather like a perfume). They are easy to carry around, may be used any time – whether at home or out and about - and provide a colour boost for your daily life.


Similar in appearance and application to the Pomanders, the 15 Quintessences are produced slightly differently in order to bring the impulse of colour to the more subtle layers of our aura. As we are enveloped in their uplifting energies we are encouraged to rise to higher states of consciousness. Becoming positive and purposeful, lighter in our thoughts and feelings, we enrich our own experience and that of the world around us.


Nine energised sprays, each aligned with an Archangel energy. These sprays help us to move beyond our personal needs and stimulate us to fulfil our potential in the world.

Water Sticks

These specially designed glass sticks are created to infuse the energies of Equilibrium into your drinking and bathing water. Available in all Equilibrium combinations, each stick is hand-made in Austria. An inspired addition to the Aura-Soma range.


These are miniature Equilibrium combinations that may be worn as jewellery. Their presence will not only bring colour to your appearance but will also support you energetically. Use a pendant to make a colour statement of who you are or what you wish to share with the world.