I am very excited after seeing a film called “What the ‘Bleep’ Do we Know?”  It reminded me of the ideas that inspired me when I was at University.

Bleep is about the world of quantum physics. It concerns the subatomic world - a level of reality so incredibly small and incredibly strange to us, and yet our whole existence in our atomic, molecular, physical world absolutely depends upon it. This film features scientific experts from this field sharing their understandings, questions and passions about it, interspersed with a fictional story of a photographer whose experiences echo the subjects being discussed.

As I watched I was thrilled to find echoes of Aura-Soma philosophy in the film. I have a sense that the quantum understanding will give me a great model with which to understand the workings of Aura-Soma. This article contains some first thoughts about the connections between colour, Aura-Soma Equilibrium and the quantum view. The quotes at the head of each section come from the film.

“Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities.”

Dr. Amit Goswami Ph.D.

Idea Number 1. Deep Magenta = the Quantum World. The quantum reality is fundamental to life. It is never visible to us, it remains always indefinable and yet it supports everything that is manifest. In Aura-Soma the colour which is always underneath is Deep Magenta. It only ever appears in the base fraction, and, since it is present in B1 and B0, it will always precede everything else. In Aura-Soma philosophy Deep Magenta represents the Source. It is Goethe’s “unseen colour” – the colour of all colours contained but not yet manifest. It is a fullness of nothingness. It is the colour of all possibilities; everything comes from it and everything returns to it. It is exactly like the quantum level of existence! Aura-Soma tools to support this idea are:

Pomander: Deep Magenta.  Quintessence: Pallas Athena.  Archangeloi: Metatron.


“The trick to life is - not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery.”

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D.

We seek to build our success on knowledge, applying the past to the future. This is a Yellow tendency, the activity of the Solar Plexus chakra. But the yellow only has a limited perspective and power. Above is green, the flow of life and change, and above that is the Higher Will of the Blue. Yet beyond even Blue is the Royal Blue, the energy for those who are willing to seek and face the raw mysteries of life. Royal Blue is like a trapdoor to the mysteries of creation; above - in the night sky, beneath - in the ocean deeps, within - in the living responsive sea of possibilities that is the quantum world. From beyond the beginning of Aura-Soma, shining in the 0 that comes before the 1 is the Royal Blue, the resonance of the mystic. Be in the mystery, not in the know. It is the mystery out of which life pours.

Pomander: Royal Blue.  Quintessence: Orion and Angelica.  Archangeloi: Raphael.


“Our purpose here is to develop our gifts of intentionality.”

Dr. William Tiller Ph.D.

This was an opinion expressed by one of the experts appearing in the film. It actually comes towards the end of the film and is a concluding thought. I include it at this point because I associate it with B1. The 0 stands on the threshold of the beyond, but 1 is the first step into existence. The blue in the top fraction of B1 is the colour for “Will”, the colour for “Yes” (the acquisitive tendency in Level 2), the colour for the “Word” of the Godhead that creates reality. Magenta may be the stuff of life but the blue directs this stuff into form.

Myriad self help and spiritual books proclaim the importance of identifying and declaring your vision in order to bring it into life. It is the same truth that spiritual teachers and traditions have declared for millennia, the thought that has been so popularised by the New Age, most recently in the film “The Secret”.

Of course this is often easier said than done. The fact is we have already stepped beyond oneness with our self - the shock of birth, the conditioning of the world around us from childhood on. For many of us to uncover our vision is a great journey. Nevertheless the fundamental importance of developing intention is expressed in Aura-Soma by the presence of the Blue in B1 – the first stepping out of the 0, the quantum level.

Pomander: Sapphire Blue.  Quintessence: El Morya.  Archangeloi:Michael.


“Life is what happens while you are waiting for life to happen.”

John Lennon

Not from the movie this time but from John Lennon. I choose it because it raises an important linking idea. “In the absence of our authentic vision, what is creating this reality, the one I am living in and wish to change?” The answer remains “We are.” This is what quantum physics has come to realise. As they say in the film, “There is no “out there” out there.” It looks like there is but there isn’t. Everything is made from the same stuff, the deep magenta, and we are one with everything, and we participate in everything whether we realise it or not. The vital ingredient is the observer. Everything remains in possibility until the observer is introduced, the one who experiences is the one who calls reality into being!


“We have looked everywhere and nowhere can the observer be found.”

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D.

Though all agree on the crucial role of the observer the experts can only offer theories as to what its nature is. We all have a sense of self, but when scientists look for the basis of that sense, where it exists in the physical, it is nowhere to be found. One expert shared his personal view, “The observer is the spirit inside the four-layered body suit, the consciousness that is driving the vehicle.” Very similar to Aura-Soma philosophy! The story of the horse, the carriage the driver and the passenger.

My current idea here is that the principle of the observer is well expressed by the Equilibrium bottle B90: the Gold / Deep Magenta combination. Gold relates to the incarnational star and B90 is the rescue (deep magenta) for the incarnational star (gold). The incarnational star is the observer / being / presence within the physical form that is directly linked to the soul star that is the observer / being / presence that remains above and beyond form in the 8th chakra above the head. The 8th chakra of course is the one that is associated with magenta and therefore the field of quantum potential.

Moreover, gold is for integration. The soul wears many faces – the personalities, each perhaps heading in a different direction, but the soul presence is within and underneath them all. It is a rescue for fragmentation of self and a return to integrity.

I have to say that these thoughts make me especially pleased to have the image of B90 in my brochure – little did I realise at the time! (Thanks again to Orsi and Aura-Soma Hungary for allowing me to use that picture)

B90 - Golden awareness

Identity and the Tree of Life

What gets in the way of this pure gold integrity? What overlays this golden observer being presence within? It is our tendency to identify! The film also explores this subject considering the role of both emotions and thoughts. It was a fascinating description and as I reflect on it now I find it fits very well with the model provided by the Tree of Life. In the Tree of Life we have Hod and Netsach representing these two activities of thinking and feeling respectively. Above them lies the soul centre of Tiphareth, (self beyond material form), and beneath we have Yesod, (self within form). The trappings of identity surround Yesod, yet it is connected, though obstructed by the Tower, to the soul consciousness which lies above the body, beyond physicality. To reconnect consciously with the soul consciousness we must negotiate the pull of both thoughts and feelings upon us, pulls that are reinforced by the structure of our physical body itself as our habits and experiences shape our physical development.

Our choice of Equilibrium colour combinations serves to make conscious these pulls, these identities that overlay our essence and potential. Working with Aura-Soma goes in the direction of dissolving these identities.


“Quantum theory places responsibility squarely in our laps.”

Jeffrey Satinover M.D.

This is the central conclusion of the quantum scientists. The role of the observer is the key. Our state of mind, our expectations, our identity of this moment calls forth the events of our life. This is liberating. This places responsibility for our lives in our hands. This is what so excited many of the experts taking part in the film.

It is also the fundamental message of the Aura-Soma teaching. We are each responsible for our own consciousness. Here we are creating our life out of the quantum field. Our life may not be as we wish it but nevertheless in terms of our own experiencing of the world, we are the central figure, the creator. As consciousness is brought into the equation then growth and change will occur.

This brings us back to developing intention (ality). Developing intention is a key message in Aura-Soma too. It is in the very first step out of zero, it is in the blue of B1. It reappears as the first step in the Master sequence in the pale blue of B50 El Morya, though here at B50 we finds an important development of this principle as we seek to align our creative will with a universal will. (As I write an image that comes to me is that El Morya is like the eye of a needle. The pale blue is like a space for the truth of pure intention to come through). And the theme of intention appears yet again at the start of the Archangel sequence. B94 Michael also features the pale blue. In this combination it is time for alignment and action in accordance with the higher creative will; our self (observer) is now revealed free of false identities (pale yellow) and connected up to a higher purpose (pale blue). It is time to enact our true quantum potential.


I think that Equilibrium is a wonderful subject for contemplation. The patterns and sequences within it reflect so many truths. The essence of my work is to unfold these connections, whether through openness to the whole or by taking smaller parts such as the Masters or Archangel sequences, or by looking through certain filters such as Numerology or the Tree of Life. Everything leads to the whole.

The work of Quantum physicists is bringing science closer to the spiritual truths of oneness, responsibility and consciousness. I believe there are more truths yet to emerge from the meeting of these two fields. Especially (I hope) in providing a more complete model for how Aura-Soma energies can interact with us.