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The Birth of the Solar King

Did you ever wonder why Jesus was born on the 25th December? Or why he died at 33 years old? There are some very interesting synchronicities to Aura-Soma at the end of this post. Read on ...

Is there a significance to these numbers? The answer is Yes and the reason lies in the heavens. Jesus. the Son of God was the Light of the World. Notice that“son” and “sun” sound the same. (Just as do Christ and crystal, soul and sol). Look at the halo behind the head of Jesus, once you have seen it as the sun it is hard to see it otherwise. And just in case we should miss it, the crown of thorns worn by Jesus in his final journey to the crucifixion imitates the sun’s fiery rim. The 25th December and the 33 year cycle are both solar events. Christianity is a solar religion and Jesus is the solar hero.


The Power of the Sun

The sun is key (ki) to life. For the ancients the sun was a living presence pouring light and warmth into the world. Its presence calls forth life upon earth, plants reach up towards it, most animals become animated with its rising. The sun is at the base of every food chain. Modern science would go further, all atoms beyond hydrogen and helium can only be forged in the fiery furnace of stars - the very planets themselves are born out of suns. The sun is the great overseer of our world. Its presence and rhythm assert order. No wonder kings sought to present themselves as its representative upon the Earth. Your Highness.


And yet the sun does not rule supreme. There is its opposite too. Darkness. Each night the sun disappears. The Ancient Egyptians considered Ra travelling each night through the underworld. Will he be reborn? Will there be a resurrection the following morn? The Birth and Death and Rebirth of the sun is central to life and thus to our myths too.

A Seasonal Drama

The to and fro of light and dark, life and death, is not limited to day and night though. As we move further from the Equator a bigger drama begins to unfold. The annual cycle of the seasons provides a longer play in which light and dark, warmth and cold, battle it out through the year. In summer the light is strong, the sun rises high and stays long above the horizon. Yet after the high point of midsummer a long period of decline sets in. By the end of the year darkness clearly has the upper hand, the sun limps only briefly above the horizon, the days no longer warm up, nights lengthen and life retreats beneath the earth. It is now or never for the solar hero to make his entrance. 21st December. The day the sun finally stops its retreat into its kingdom of the south. So here is my question  …  why was Jesus not born on the 21st December?


I was delighted when i discovered the answer. The answer lies in the word. Solstice means sol (sun) stands still (stice). Stice has the same root as the words statue and static. At 21st December the sun stops retreating south, the sun stands still … I always thought it was for just a moment but, to our earthly perspective, the stand still lasts longer. For 3 days, 22, 23, 24, the sun rises at the same point on the horizon and reaches the same height in the sky. 22, 23, 24. It is only on the 4th day - the 25th, that the sun pops up noticeably on the horizon, behins to reach higher into the sky again. The 25th is the day when the birth of the Light of the World is confirmed. So much so that Jesus is not the only solar hero to have this birthday. He shares it with Heracles, Adonis, Mithras, Attis, Tammuz, Dionyssus, Osiris and more. It is the three day sun standing still solstice that requires the birth of Jesus to occur on the 25th December. Not the 21st as we might have thought …


Circles of Time and Space

The winter solstice is in fact just one of four key solar events in the year. Considering the bigger picture brings further fascinating insights. Lets begin with a circle. On Earth we experience the year as a round, a cycle of four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, always following each other. This is the circle of time we experience from the standpoint of Earth. But lets now look at it in another way. Let’s rise above the Earth, travel out into space and see our planet orbiting the sun. This movement is a round too. A circle in space which has the sun at its centre.



As above, so below. A cycle of time on earth, a circle of movement in space. And the sun is central to both.

The Cross

Now it gets more interesting. Imagine a four armed cross expanding from the sun’s centre. Imagine each arm extends equally, one in each of the four directions. At a certain distance they will reach the circle of the Earth’s orbit and cut across it. If we have oriented the cross correctly it will intersect the circling Earth at these four key moments of the earth’s yearly cycle: summer and winter  solstices, plus the two equinoxes - the two half way points in this journey between the two extremes. These four points delineate a cross in space and time. Here is the cross upon upon which the Light of the World, the Sun of God, is crucified?


The Crucifixion

The crucifixion (literally meaning fix to a cross) is a metaphor for the fixing of consciousness to the perimeter of the circle the round of life and death.  If we, as points of sun / Christ / consciousness forget that our true nature is this light residing at the centre of our being then we will lose ourselves in the whirl of time, or the Wheel of Samsara as it is called in the eastern tradition. Instead of residing in our truth, we become identified with the rising and the falling, the fullness and the dissipation, the life and the death. As Christ said, “He who remembers me is born into eternal life.” Remember yourself in the light of consciousness that does not wax or wane, the light the centre of the round, and you will be free.


Expanding the Perspective

So what about the death of Jesus at 33 years old? Is there a significance to this? Yes there is and it too is very interesting. To answer this we must look more closely at the day / year relationship. Each the daily and the yearly cycle contain a moment of rebirth of the light. Yet the two rhythms do not coincide as neatly as we might wish.

Four year cycle

365 days in a year. Well yes, except of course every 4th year when there are 366 days. The ancients knew this. It is easy to spot if you create a sighting line for the sunrise on the solstice such as exists at Stonehenge or Newgrange in Ireland. With a marker close to you and another more distant even small differences become clearly visible. Witnessing this, year by year, the the solstice sunrise can be seen to advance a little further forward each year, that is until the fourth year, when it suddenly aligns once more. the only problem being that the day count in this year has reached 366.

And so we say more accurately 365.25 days in a year. Yet this raises a very interesting question. Is the year then the correct unit of measure for the sun cycle relative to the Earth? Lets face it, a quarter day is not a naturally observable phenomenon. Why not expand to a solar / day synchronisation measured in singe units of four years? Four years is a more synchronised unit of time, sun and day. Perhaps the 4 year term beloved by US Presidents is a correct choice. Also interesting to notice that Bottle 4 in Equilibrium is called the Sunlight bottle … Yellow and Gold being the sunlight colours.

B4 Yellow / Gold

12053 - even greater accuracy 

It turns out that even 365.25 isn't quite accurate, a fact evidently clear to the ancients. In fact the moment when the solstice / sunrise finally realign again perfectly (to  the naked eye) is every 12053 days. That is precisely 33 years. 8 x 365 days plus 8 leap year days. In fact at 365.242199 day to a solar return, the 33 year / 12053 day synchronisation is out by just 20 seconds.

Thus the death of Christ at 33 years is a teaching all of its own. It confirms, if we at all needed it, that Jesus the Christ is the solar hero. At 33 years the sun’s early lifecycle is complete and it is time for a new round to begin. The stone is rolled away and the Sun of God ascends to take his place in heaven, his work is done.


The life of Jesus is clearly the story of a solar hero.  His birthday and his age at death both confirm it. That he was concerned with the soul (sol) of man though and not just the return of the crops is a new level of sophistication.



This is perhaps the most exciting part of this post ...

As i was writing this some very interesting noticing came to my mind … there not in my mind at the beginning, but make this the perfect year to share this information.

Aura-Soma is 33 years old this year

I have known these ideas for a few years now, but only this year was i inspired to write about it. Only now approaching the end of this post do i realise that this year 2016, is the 33rd year of Aura-Soma! Born in 1983 … i am right on time … time for a rebirth.

Mike Booth is 66 years old this year

I am equally surprised to realise that this Mike Booth is 66 this year. (2 x 33). Mike was born in 1950. He must have been 33 when he first met Aura-Soma. Interesting then that it seems he has, figuratively speaking, made his ascension this year. He is still in the body but absent from the classroom> Instead his picture has, since this summer, begun to appear framed next to that Vicky Wall’s during Aura-Soma events. Shaun Sargent is now the new leader.

And finally 

while i do not have a 33 cycle of my own, i do have a 4 year anniversary this winter solstice. It is four years to the day that I entered Vicky Wall’s Sanctuary in the garden of Dev Aura to honour the Mayan calendar galactic centre reset of December 21st, 2012. On that day i placed the Equilibrium bottles onto the floor in a large circle and sat within it. It was to give me a tremendous insight about  B110 which was the latest bottle at that time. I realised in that moment that B110 represents the return to the Source. It is my understanding that the bottles born since then are all part of a new unfolding from the Source. Funnily enough i have been wearing a B110 pendant these last few days. That day 21.12.2012 was also the day i posted one of my most significant blog posts, a post which just happened to be about B4, the Sunlight bottle.

Vickys Sanctuary Dom

There is a Part 2 to this post. It will come out on Christmas Day.

Best wishes to you all


© Dominic Yeoman 2016


  1. Happy Christmas Dominic. I loved reading this blog. On December 25th each year the Sun is at 4 degrees Capricorn, so the number 4/ Sunlight Bottle is emphasised yet again! Love Pam x