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Tantra and Synchronicity

Here is an article i wrote a couple of years ago but did not post at the time. As a Tantra course has been scheduled for Bologna in Italy this August (10 - 12th) I will share the post now.

One of the rituals in the Tantric Illumination class involves the lighting of candles. I received a particularly beautiful olive green candle during a recent class and lit it for the centrepiece of the ritual. With the course completed I was happy to bring the candle home and i enjoyed its radiant presence for a further two months.

The day i noticed the candle was finally about to extinguish itself, I took it, with some sadness, through to the kitchen in order to dispose of it. However, as i pulled the wax from the plate,  the centre with the wick stayed attached to the plate. It meant that only the outer shell of the candle lifted off, an outer shell which now had a a hole at its centre.

This hole at the centre immediately reminded me of the essence of Tantra. A quality of emptiness, empty mind. Empty of self so that the impulse from the Source may flow through. That we may we begin to flow in harmony with life.

Galactic centre

The Tantric Illumination course was itself created around the time of the Galactic Alignment of 2012, a time of reconnection with the Source - a zero point moment. That this candle's completion should produce a hole at the centre was wonderfully appropriate. I filed this moment away in my memory as something to remember and share in the future.


The future came more quickly than I expected. Later that same evening I was listening to one of my favourite thinkers, Terrence McKenna, on a subject that interests me greatly. Synchronicity.

The importance of emptiness

He began with some great examples from his own life, examples which he also doubted at the time since he has a strong intellect and questioning mind. And yet, as he went deeper into the talk, he shared examples that he could neither deny nor explain. He could only open to the mystery of these events and  surrender to the existence of synchronicity.

With his final story he set out his understanding of how synchronicity works. or rather the conditions required for synchronicity to operate. The necessary condition in his opinion is that we, should not become involved or identified with the operating of synchronicity. If we become personally invested in synchronicities, using them to show either, that we are special, or, that they are the proof of a hidden intelligence which we will use to persuade others, then synchronicity disappears. It is only when we are neutral, empty, that synchronicity may operate. In his words we enter into a "magical attunement with what wants to be."

These words brought me beautifully back to the Tantra candle. Tantra is about being present. No system, No method. No ego. Just presence. The space at the centre of the now finished candle is the space which presence occupied. It is something and it is nothing. How fitting with Tantra but also how fitting with Terence McKenna's view that we must be empty in order to be in the flow.

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  1. Beautiful alignment Dominic. Love the way you think! Many blessings to you.