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Summer Solstice

These three days the sunrise stands, sol stice, at its southernmost point. The light is now at its height. I first wrote about the Solstice six months ago back in December - The Birth of the Solar King. It was a fascinating journey for me at the time and if you have not read it here is a link. I had quite an adventure after writing that piece. Three days later on Christmas Day Fraser Booth visited our home and we went for a walk around the village. By chance we ended up on the path that runs behind Dev Aura and found ourselves right next to Vicky Wall’s temple. We stopped to share the Christ Quintessence and then made our way back through the garden of Dev Aura. It was surprising to see the door of the teaching room was wide open. It felt very natural though and to me seemed like an invitation. Fraser was concerned perhaps people had broken in to he house and wanted to investigate. For myself I was happy just to step in to the teaching room. A breath-taking pink and crystal chandelier was the latest addition to the space. Meanwhile Fraser searched downstairs and soon i was called to go and check upstairs with Fraser. I ended up accompanying Fraser to the very top of the house, checking all the rooms along the way. It brought back many memories. I had not visited this part of the house since I lived and worked at Dev Aura through the 1990’s  It was a lovely Christmas present for me to be able to reconnect with that part of my life.

Another gift that day was the realisation that the village of Tetford reproduces the Solar Cross upon the land. Tetford is one of the few circular villages in the UK. We have four major roads in the village North, South East and West Road. Together these four roads create the boundary of a circle in which green fields occupy the central space. A stream runs through from west to east while footpaths lead out from the centre of the circle in each of the four directions This Winter Solstice day I realised it was possible to walk the Solar Cross following these footpaths over the land. I am now experimenting with the best sequence in which to walk for each of the solstices and equinoxes.

Those were the discoveries of the Winter Solstice. Now it is six months later and Summer Solstice is here.  As I looked for inspiration for this Solstice message I found this image of a bottle, shared her bey kind permission of Susse Smedes.

I was captivated by the light within it. "Which is this bottle?" I asked Susse  "B95 - Archangel Gabriel," she replied.  I was suddenly excited,  I remembered at the start of this year I made a picture. It focused on B17 and its related tarot image,The Star. I also included B95 in the picture since it is the return journey of the Star.

Now exactly half way through the year and at the start of the “return journey” of 2017 the B95 bottle appears again. In fact strangely this picture of B95 was taken on 2nd January. This too gives the idea of the return since it follows the 1st January.

I notice too that this B95 is also connected to my original solstice picture, the one at the top of the article. That image is one of sunlight over the Somerset landscape taken from Glastonbury Tor. It is a very B94 image:  blue sky, intense yellow sunlight. This time the connection is one of sequence. B95 follows B94. And so i begin to wonder if can make a connection between B95 and Summer Solstice.

B95 Light descends into Matter

An idea begins to take form.

At summer solstice the sun reaches its highest point. From tomorrow it will begin its descent from the height of the heavens towards the Earth again. The descent of the light is also expressed in B95: Magenta over Gold, the light consciousness of the soul star above the head flows down and into the golden area within the body. Spirit awakens in matter, our feet are guided upon the earth.

As i consider more a story weaves itself between my two images. This B95 idea of Spirit descending into Matter is the theme of my forthcoming Sacred Time course. The course itself will be presented in Glastonbury which is where the B94 sunlight image was taken.

Glastonbury: the potency of spirit.

In Glastonbury, as i write today, there are 100,000 people are gathered at a music festival within view of the Glastonbury Tor.  Festivals such as this one have become common across Europe in recent years, yet Glastonbury was the first, it is the largest, and it remains the father of all other festivals. Those gathered there today are not celebrating the light particularly, but the fact that they are just a few miles from Glastonbury Tor with its St Michael Tower dominating the landscape cannot be ignored. Michael, the archangelic leader of the forces of the light, here in the County of Somerset, the home of Summer cannot be ignored.

Glastonbury's deeper role however is as a spiritual centre. three times in the history of the British Isles it has been a major spiritual centre. In pagan times it was the groves around the sacred springs, white and red, under the Tor, as can be read about in Marion Bradley's Mists of Avalon. In Christian times the monks of Glastonbury lived in the the greatest and richest abbey of England. In their church were buried the bones of King Arthur and his wife Guinevere. In the town centre the George and Pilgrim hotel dating from the Middle Ages reminds us of Glastonbury’s importance as a destination of spiritual journeys. Now in modern times Glastonbury is once again first amongst equals, a vibrant spiritual centre. Its High Street is packed full of shops selling crystals, shamanic art, spiritual books, healthy cafes. It is the primary New Age spiritual centre in the UK.

And, on top of all this, as i said before there is this enormous annual gathering of youth coming together to celebrate their culture in the shadow of the Tor. For many attending Glastonbury Festival is a rite of passage into adulthood.


Finally, to my mind the Kings in the Tarot represent true Adulthood. Life on earth starts as the Page, the child born to Earth. We grow up between the balancing energies of Knight and Queen, until mastering ourself, we can attain the height of Tiphareth where the Kings sit.

Having reached Tiphareth, The King of our solar consciousness can shine back down the Tree, illuminating our human identity in Yesod, and guiding our feet upon the Earth. This is the goal of Sacred Time: to align these three dimensions of our being, Soul. Human and Physical that we may fulfil our potential in life.

In Glastonbury at the next stage of the Solar Cross, Autumn Equinox, we will be gathering. You are welcome to join us. Learn more at Sacred Time

© Dominic Yeoman