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Spring Blossom and the May Queen

Thinking to send good wishes to my Japanese friends at the start of their big national holiday "Golden Week" today, i found myself thinking about blossom and the beauty of this season. I often think how the Japanese would love to see England in Springtime. Although we don’t have the special Japanese cherry tree which the Japanese so love, we British as garden lovers do have hundreds of varieties of ornamental blossom trees which makes a walk through our neighbourhoods in Springtime such a delight.

The trees full of soft pink at the start of the growing year awaken a poetic thought in me. As if the Earth herself is in the flush of love, a youthful and natural beauty ready to receive her lover. In ancient traditions today would the day the young girls of the village would put flowers in their hair and one of them would be crowned the May Queen

But i see too that the Spring blossom, so full now, will soon fall like snow onto the earth and, in time, where blossom has been today fruit will grow and ripen. Fruit has a different gift to share. Juicy, flavourful, nourishing. Fruit ripens over time. Experiences gained through life, if handled kindly, create sweetness in later life. The beauty of blossom may become the sweetness of the fruit.

So I dedicate my May Day wishes to the feminine, for the beauty of the blossom in Spring and the richness of the flavour in the maturity of our life. Here is  picture of one of my wife's relatives, a grandmother who has lived all her life in a Russian village.  She holds the dress that has traveled down her mother's line for a 100 years.

Equilibrium bottles B21 and B99 are May Day colours, greens and pinks, and in this Tarot card image for B99 we see the archetypal feminine principle, the one who lives through all women in their journey from beauty to sweetness.


By the way . Since i am more of a fruit than a flower myself my focus these days is on offering juicy courses.  Perhaps the most juicy of the year is Sacred Time which i offer in Glastonbury this September.

Dominic in Dev Aura garden 2011