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Numbers in the World: 1701

Part of my occasional series having fun matching numbers as they appear in the world with the colour and number meaning, especially as revealed through the Aura-Soma Equilibrium sequence.

This particular post has  an extra dimension to it though. There is a fascinating synchronicity between the theme i explore here and the political earthquake that was gathering in the UK even as was writing and posting this article. It was only the following day I realised and so came back here to add an extra section on the synchronicity at the end of the article. Very interesting and I recommend reading through to the end to learn about this.  But, for now let's begin at the beginning.

A TV series that affected a generation

Did you ever see the original Star Trek series? Each episode began with the same memorable opening sequence. The darkness of space filling the screen and a lone voice, disembodied, announcing the mission statement of the starship.  As the vastness of space drifts before your eyes, and as haunting, echoing, spacey sounds create an otherworldly atmosphere you hear the voice of Captain Kirk saying

“Space. the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five year mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and  and new civilisations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

With a final whoosh as the starship Enterprise whizzes from behind you and suddenly you are on on your way, being carried  into the next adventure. It was a very memorable opening and i am sure many of my generation know the words off by heart.


Yesterday, while watching the 2009 Star Trek movie, I noticed that the starship USS Enterprise carries the number, 1701.   I was suddenly excited. i could see a numerology Star Trek connection. First though I looked for a clip from the original show on YouTube just to check the same number had always been used. And yes there it was 1701 the same number 1701 was also on the original ship. It is visible even in the opening sequence i just described.

Reading the numbers

So what is the connection? First you should know i tend to break down numbers into pairs so i can correlate them to Equilibrium bottles. This 1701 becomes a B17 and a B1 (B01).


I began with 17. To be honest this was the only thought i had in the beginning. In Aura-Soma the Equilibrium bottle B17 is called The Troubadour. The medieval Troubadours travelled  from town to town, from castle to castle during the Middle Ages.. They were travellers, always on the road. The Green top fraction of the B17 bottle supports this view, the green corresponding to space, direction and flow. The whole series of Star Trek is contrived as a wandering journey, travelling from planet to planet, episode to episode. The ship, USS Enterprise - 1701 - is the one who travels.

Thus my initial thought was quite simple. But as i thought about i more i find further and deeper connections, so many that was persuaded to write this article. The first these and and the one that persuaded me to write this article was connected to the 01.

01 - B1 is the Blue / Deep Magenta. 

B1 - The blue of the Creator

Since blue resonates with the throat chakra, B01 can be seen as a support for the voice. How interesting then that each episode of the original Star Trek series began with a disembodied voice. All we could do was listen while the vastness of space passed before our eyes. Almost as if God were talking to itself at the dawn of creation. A voice, alone, in the emptiness of space.

Indeed this brings us to the next 01 association. The voice we hear is not just any old voice. It belongs to the Captain. Captain Kirk. He is the leader, the most important, the number 1 on the ship. He is the 01 on the 17 of this travelling starship.

Yet even Captain Kirk has something he has to bow to. He is the servant of the mission given to him by Starfleet Command. This is the purpose of their travelling, the blueprint they have to refer to as they meet new situations each week. A mission statement is yet another example of a number 1. It above all else shows the way and sometimes the how of the journey.

That is three examples of 01 in the the opening sequence: The voice (B1) of the Captain (number 1) declaring the mission statement  (01) of the travelling (17) USS Enterprise whose number is 1701!  What a perfect number match for this opening sequence which seared itself into the minds of a generation.

If you are fortunate enough to be too young to have ever seen this opening sequence here is your chance. Click on the picture to see the clip ...

Like to explore more?

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And finally the synchronicity

I first wrote and posted this article on 8th June. It was a big day in the UK. General Election Day. The day when the people can choose their government. Within the government the number 1 is the Prime Minister. And it had been our Prime Minister, Theresa May, who had decided to call this special Election Day. Normally elections are just once every 5 years, but because of the stresses in the country following the Brexit vote last summer our Prime Minister felt she needed confirmation from the people of the country to strengthen her position as Number 1 before she goes to negotiate with the Europeans.

It is entirely accurate to say that that the purpose of this Election was for our number (01) to be strengthened as she takes us on a journey (17) out of the European Union. Theresa May wants to be Captain Kirk!

The irony is that her plan failed. She performed so badly that her party actually lost members in the Houses of Parliament. She has come out of the Election considerably weaker. And so the morning after the Election i felt we the people of the country are looking out into the darkness of space, as if at the start of an episode of Star Trek, yet our Captain is weak, perhaps fatally wounded. It does not feel in an way that we are ready to fire up the engines and launch ourselves in the next adventure!





© Dominic Yeoman