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Numbers in the World: The Ideal 7

James Bond. For many years I have thought that James Bond’s number, 007, was a quiet joke on the part of James Bond’s creator - Ian Fleming. 007 being the international telephone code for Russia. But when i used this picture of Daniel Craig from the James Bond film Casino Royale yesterday it started me thinking and I came to a new idea about the number 7.

My ideal

When i first saw this image some years ago i thought that is the body shape i would like to have. I made a print and for a while had it on my wall. Now that i have started attending to my diet and exercise again i have resurrected the picture and yesterday I shared it on FB as an image of my “After my diet” picture. And today this image reminded me of a collage i made myself some years ago which has a similar body shape - even to the absence of any legs! So yesterday it became clear to me that this shape is an ideal which lives in my thoughts.

Idealism through the 7s

Having understood this some further 7 associations began to come to mind. Associations which got me thinking that perhaps this theme of the “ideal” could have more of a connection to 7 (and therefore 007 - James Bond) than i had realised.

The thoughts started in a subtle way. First to mind came the old keynote for B77 “Physical Perfection.” Interesting i thought, since this is the ideal for which i am aiming. Next came B17 - The Star in the Tarot. The card image shows the inspiration - our ideals - poured in from above in order to be shared in the world.


B27 …  the Robin Hood bottle was next. Robin Hood was inspired by an ideal: balance. An ideal to enact in the face of two-ness “Take from the rich and give to the poor.”

B57 also has a strong association with idealism, though the story is a bit longer. Pallas Athena is associated with Athens which is the birthplace of western philosophy. Plato, one of the greatest philosophers of Athens had, as a key element in his philosophy, the world of ideas. This world exists above and beyond this material world. Moreover perfection can exist only in the world of ideas. Whatever manifests in this world is an expression, a less-than-perfect expression, of the pure idea. Lets take the example of “chair”. We see a chair in this world, we recognise it as a chair, even if we have never seen this particular chair before. We do so because the idea of “chair” exists in our mind already. And even if the chair were broken, damaged , worn out as all chairs will be in the end, still we can recognise it. The “ideal” of chair is not damaged by the degradation of any particular chair.

And so it becomes clear, the idea is the ideal! This is true idealism. The ideal exists truly in our mind. The idealistic philosopher. Fascinating isn’t it that even the shape of 7 implies a world above: the upright vertical with a line at the top.

The Garden of Gethsemane

Finally lets look at the Equilibrium association to 7 itself. B7. This is named The Garden of Gethsemane. This garden was where Jesus had to weigh his choice of action against his ideal. He could run away as his disciples wanted, or he could face the soldiers and fulfil his destiny - the purpose / idea / ideal for which he had come into this world. Could Jesus, would Jesus, live up to this ideal?

In the Christian culture we are invited every 7 days to return to the ideal. Every Sunday, the traditional day of rest, we are called to return to the church and reconnect with God, the Source, so that we may once more be replenished by the ideal flowing down from above.

And, by the way, speaking of being called to return to the church the B74 / 5 of Pentacles Tarot image shows an interesting angle on this. The two men are walking past the church which is shining out the ideal. But they seem blind to the opportunity. They are cold and suffering. Is it their egos - the 4 of the Emperor - the conflict between 7 and 4 that prevents them from returning?


Until now my main idea for 7 has always been "philosopher". Today i have found a new association: "ideals / idealism / living according to ideals". The challenge of holding to one’s ideals could be resolved in the Yellow / Green of B7 as  “I know my way.”

77 minutes

Finally. A surprising synchronicity. My wife has just told me that todays blue moon, super moon, lunar eclipse will last for 77 minutes! More on that I'm the next post.




  1. Hello Dominic, Somehow I did not get this post from you…But got the newest one so I went back and read this one.

    Here are my thoughts which are stimulated by what it is you have said here. So interesting that #77 original keynote was “Physical Perfection”. A very fundamental message for me from the #7 and Olive which it shakes to is “Trust the Process of Life”, And of Magenta “Being Present to the Moment”. Briefly, the idea of Physical Perfection” in the Clear/Magenta #77, Magenta with the light shine thro and the Magenta compliment of Olive speaks loudly to me. I have been called in my life now to see beyond. What have been my ideas/ideals of what is physically perfect has been shaken and to see and embrace the perfection of what is is of support now. Having “tests of faith” calls me to know what physical perfection and beauty really is. When we look at a perfect garden…no weeds everything in order this is not the nature of nature so to be able to see the beauty in leaves decaying into compost is to see the many dimensions of life all in the moment as it is. I think this is the message Vicky conveyed to me by naming #77 “Physical Perfection”. Lots of love to you, Carol

  2. I like the connection between 7 Test of Faith and 77 Physical perfection. It is easy to say we accept something when it is only a hypothetical question rather than a real situation. I se olive as the doorway into the matrix of this world with all its “imperfections”. Thanks for the thoughts. I hope all is well in your life, even in the face of any “imperfections” Much love Dom