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New Moon. New Year. Sabian Symbols 2

Last month i wrote about the Lunar Cycle using the Sabian Symbols for the New and Full Moon moments. This month i am focusing on the moment of the New Moon only. This New Moon also marks the start of the Chinese New Year. Thus the ideas presented here may be extended to the entire Year of the Dog.

If you want to know more about the Sabian Symbols before you start reading here is a link to the text from the previous article). One key point to remember before we begin is that the power of a symbols lies in its flexibility. There is no single way to interpret a symbol. They are a catalysts for inspiration.

New Moon. Chinese New Year

The birth of the Chinese New Year, the New Moon moment was at February 15th, 21.05 GMT.

This astrological moment of Sun / Moon conjunction occurred against the backdrop of the star sign of Aquarius - specifically the 28th degree of Aquarius. The Sabian symbol for this degree is:

A Tree Felled and Sawed to Ensure a Supply of Wood For the Winter’

My first connection was very literal. The afternoon of the 16th, within 24 hours of the birth of this New Moon, firewood entered my life!. I was at the local rubbish tip dropping off some things when i noticed a car pull up next to me with a load of tree trunks on the back. I was shocked by the size of them and wondered how the man would even lift them out of his trailer. Fascinated i watched him getting out of the car and preparing himself for the job. Time was short and i had to leave but i could not resist lowering the window as i was driving away and calling out to him, “Nice firewood!” I surprised myself with these words, since i had been more wondering how he would move them, not at all about their value for burning. The consequence of my words was even more unexpected. The man came across to my car and immediately offered the wood to me. I had to say no … i was not prepared in that moment. However he then asked for my phone number and said “Next time i have a stock ready I will let you know”. Consequently I now have “a Supply of Firewood For (next) Winter!

Widening the View 

There is a technique within the Sabian system which offers a wider perspective on any situation. It is the consideration of the degrees Symbols which appear on the degrees either side of the symbol on the exact degree. The degree immediately before the placement is called the Karmic Degree. The degree that succeeds the placement is called the Quest Degree. Each of these degrees will also have a related Symbol  and they add a greater context to the story which is revealing itself.

The principal traditional interpretation for the Aquarius 28 degree is stocking up on resources, taking care of the future. However as I looked at the Karmic Degree an interpretation that fits my personal situation came to my mind.

“An Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled with Violets” 

Aquarius 27  is the Karmic symbol. It was the presence of the words  “ancient” and “violets” appearing together that triggered a thought within me. The key word  was “Violets”. This is because I associate violets with Vicky Wall. In her book "The Miracle of Colour Healing” she wrote that the sudden appearance of the fragrance of violet signified for her the presence of Spirit. Many years later, i had the inspiration to share the Violet Skin Cream (rather than a pomander) at the end of a Dev Aura course in honour of Vicky.

Thus Violet has this special association for me. When i see it in conjunction with the word Ancient. and remember that Vicky Wall described Aura-Soma as “old wine in new bottles” then this Symbol speaks to me today of Aura-Soma. An ancient offering of spirit, nature and beauty to the world. This is the gift from the past i am reminded of today.

However as you may know i have decided not to attend the Teacher Updates and instead develop my own offerings to the world. My offerings are all the fruit of my own original research Nevertheless it also true that without Aura-Soma as the catalyst, these ideas would not have come into being. It is an uncertain future. Yet one i must trust has a positive outcome.

“A Tree Felled and Sawed to Ensure a Supply of Wood For the Winter”

These thoughts bring a new, more personal perspective to the firewood symbol. The tree could be my work with Aura-Soma. My new offerings are derived from the tree of Aura-Soma. The Tree felled and sawn - the reshaping of this wood into a future resource which will see me through the times to come. It is a meaningful interpretation for me from this imagery. Now is the time.

What is the direction towards which this current activity leads? The Quest degree, the symbol for the awaiting potential is Aquarius 29

A Butterfly Emerging from a Chrysalis”

That would be a great future consequence for me from my actions today. Butterflies are symbols for transformation, the flowering of our potential, freedom from restriction, a celebration of our true colours. The butterfly also speaks of our spiritual dimension, the light body, our psyche. Awakening to our true nature. Opening the chrysalis is not an ego choice, it can only happen in the right time, when the being within has grown enough, is strong  enough. to be in the world.


B73. The Butterfly bottle

This goal, awakening to the spiritual dimension was my deepest wish when i was younger. With the gift of Aura-Soma supporting me from the past, with my current work to create an education, an offering to the world, then the image for the futures me spreading my wings. outcome could be that i will shine in my true colours. This is a month, or perhaps a Chinese New year, to put the effort in and make steps towards this goal.

Once again i have found the contemplation of the Sabian Symbols in conjunction with the Lunar cycle very interesting. As a theme for this month, and as a  potential for the (Chinese New) year.


© Dominic Yeoman


  1. Dear Dominic
    I read your thoughts every time with grate interest.
    Have thanks for letting me participate of it.
    You write in your Newsletter of this month:
    ….„Outcome could be that i will shine in my true colours.“…
    What I have discovered from you until now, were and are already your true colors –a wonderful rainbow. Stay true to yourself and go your own way. I wish you a lot of love and light.

  2. Hello Dominic, Such a beautiful rendering of interpretation of these symbols. I did not remember the violets and this message from Vicky. I just came in from the garden and there are many trees blooming here with the tiny violets below so delicate and timid. The violets in this garden are mostly white.

    It is amazing the meeting of the man with the firewood and his generosity. The thought of being warm in the Winter is great comfort for the warmth will allow the Spirit within to feel cared for, confident and strong. It is interesting the Gold in the base fraction of the Butterfly colors, the Wisdom with the light shine into the pot of Gold at rainbows end. It is as if you are standing between the inner and outer journey, a time of transition where the form of the Art is taking place. It is certain that the wisdom within you will find many open minds and hearts eager for your teachings. Very Ancient are these days that you have walked with Aura-Soma and the knowledge you share truly comes from the Stars and from your experience as a human being and a teacher. Lots of love, Carol

  3. That is beautiful Carol. i feel a tingle as i read your words about “Ancient are these days” “comes from the stars” and “open minds and hearts”. They are helpful because i wonder how to reach people as i begin to make my own offerings now. Thank you. I am about to publish tonight my flyer for my Glastonbury course this September. I only just found your message now as i came to upload the flyer to my website. Synchronicity.

  4. Thank you Margrit. Thank you for all your appreciation since that Tantra course at Ursula’s. I send you a hug.

  5. And also, today i started using B14, which is for me the “Butterfly” bottle. Appearing as it does on the path of Temperance where the person remembers their angelic dimension and spreads their wings.