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Magenta Pomander. Blessings from beyond.

This is the fourth in a series of posts stimulated by the birth of the Magenta Pomander on June 21st 2016. The first concerned Godzilla and the sub atomic world. The second and third focused on the philosophy of Nietzsche. This fourth articles shares more of the events of those first days and my consequent view on the ultimate significance of this magenta energy for this time.

Unseen worlds. Beyond the beyond.

I bought my own Magenta pomander two days after my Godzilla experience, perhaps a week in total from the moment of the magenta pomander’s birth. I picked it up from my village shop - luckily I live in Tetford and right next to Aura-Soma Products. I decided to visit a friend, Kirsten, before going home. Once there i decided to use my new pomander for the first time. I looked around for a nice space and found a spot in the hallway at the foot of the stairs. It is light and airy as the space extends up to the first floor roof. Spreading my arms i noticed a framed picture text hanging half way up the stairs.

It says "There was the Existence. There was the Non Existence. There was not yet a beginning of Non Existence. There was not yet a beginning of the not yet  beginning of Non Existence"   How fitting those words are I thought -  it is a message of other dimensions as i stand here and reach out for magenta.  The Tree of Life came to my mind and I imagined the earth as Malkuth under my feet as i reached up to the 8th chakra / magenta area. This soul star magenta area, insubstantial, would be the sphere of Tiphareth. And as i considered these words of the "not yet beginning of the not yet beginnings" i imagined extending even deeper into the unknown, into Daath, the Abyss, and beyond that to the sphere of Kether, the Source itself. And even further I remembered that in Kabbalah it is written that Kether too has layers of subtlety behind it: Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur. Layers and layers of "not yet beginning" Deeper and deeper into unseen worlds.  I invoked the magenta energy and invited the unseen worlds as I passed the magenta pomander through my aura.

A man who reached out and found nothing

It was later that evening that i saw the programme about Nietzsche which inspired me so much. I saw magenta themes running through many elements of his philosophy and life. The quote that touched me the most, the one that determined me to write my articles, was “If you stare long enough into the abyss, it begins to look back into you.” The memory of the words in the picture from the stairway at Hope Cottage earlier in the evening were working in my deeper mind as I absorbed these words. The seeds of understanding that Nietzsche, while he connected with his personal soul self in  Tiphareth, he failed to penetrate Daath and come to the nourishment of the true source - God - in Kether. This was his personal tragedy and the subject of my third post. The synchronicities that were leading me into deeper understandings were not yet  finished for me.  Soon I was to be shown what lies beyond Nietzsche’s abyss.

A blessing of light 

The following evening Tetford had a huge downpour of rain. Such an event is best experienced in our conservatory. Its glass roof  amplifies the sound of the rain. Spontaneously I decided to lie down on the conservatory floor and look up at the rain through the glass ceiling. Lying there watching the raindrops bursting on the glass i couldn’t help noticing the many leaves and dust up there which were clouding the view. I was inspired to clean the glass and, thinking that the rain would help to rinse the glass clean, i began cleaning straightaway. Out into the rain i went and started  to work. Forty five minutes later the rain had eased, the job was done and i was exhausted. I had been so focused on getting the job done i had paid little attention to anything else. But as i finished i began to be aware of the most beautiful light glowing everywhere. There remained a moist humid atmosphere and the sun was illuminating this haze to create a soft pink  light which bathed everything. And there, in the sky over my back garden, was the most magenta rainbow i had ever seen.

See the magenta on the right side of the rainbow. It was 15 minutes before I decided to take a photo and by then the effect was less than when i first saw it. At the start the pinkness filled the whole southern half of the sky. Even at this late stage of the process though the image remains pretty impressive doesn't it.

As i thought about it I concluded that this event had shown me the alternative to Nietzsche’s despair. For me it was a sign from the universe that love is real, that we are not alone. Cleaning my glass roof had been a metaphor. Clearing away the debris represented my willingness to see what lies beyond. Where Nietzsche had not been able to see beyond his man-made limitation of “God is dead.” reflected back to him, I, with a clean transparent roof  had been able to see beyond into the presence of this miraculous pink light which blessed all it touched.

Tantra and the Sweetness of Spirit

This experience brought me to think of B104 Chamael. The Iridescent Rose Pink over Magenta. For me this colour combination represents the essence of Tantra. I connect it with the Great Initiation within that tradition, something i discovered in my research for my my Tantric Illumination course. There is no separation between the Source and the Here and Now.  We dance within creation.  We are creation. We are one with the creator.

By the way this is shown nicely in the Numerology of 104. The 14 is the card of Temperance in the Tarot, the path which connects the lower self of the material world with the higher self of the soul dimension. Within this connection of 14 the  0 now appears: 104. The 0 opens as a rose opens its petals, releasing its exquisite fragrance in all worlds equally. It is the creator behind all.  Once again we have the idea of the behind the behind the behind …

Rosy Magenta

It was to be a couple of weeks later that the last piece of the jigsaw fell into place. Travelling up to Edinburgh by train i was contemplating the B0 which i was carrying with me.  Seeing the bright sunshine illuminating the Deep Magenta base i was reminded of Vicky Wall’s pleasure in revealing this rosy magenta by shining a torch through it. I understood now that this rosy magenta is the very presence of the Divine / Spirit / Source / Love … it is the presence within everything else. It is the very same colour as that of the soul star.

In essence we are the presence of Spirit, the presence of Love.

There is still one more post to be written in this sequence …



  1. Hello Dominic, Today is so #7. Yellow/Green always the thought of Olive, Magenta’s complement. The AuraJin #7 is on the bottom of the big toe. Dip the toe into test the waters of life. I hear Ram Dass say “Be Here Now” when Olive and Magenta come to mind. My friend reminded me today how hard it is to be present to the moment. Today I set myself to be as present as I could be and I saw the Bee’s drinking from the tiny flowers of the citrus kumquat tree and the fragrance of their blossoms all around me. Seems like humans and Nietzsche have a natural a tendency to get into a thought form groove so that we do not see, feel touch taste or hear the beauty all around us. We are not alone! Lots of love,

  2. Thank you Carol. Your words bring to mind further thoughts of Tantra. My course on tantric illumination sequence references a book by Daniel Odier, Tantric Quest, very much. in this book Daniel describes his training in Tantra under the guidance of a tantrika. The first phase of the training is to bring Daniel into the present. He is invited to connect with the world around him. Touching earth, water, air, etc … “The water is real. It is my relationship with the water which is not …” etc etc something like that. Each time his mind wanders she throws a stone into a pot to measure his ability to be in the present. Tantra is all about being present. Thanks for the comment. The hands of the clock here are a just about aligned at 1.06am. Time for me to disappear from this present. Lots of love, Dom