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The Soul Approaches. Magenta Part 5

Through the autumn of 2016 i gave a series of presentations on the Magenta pomander in which i shared many of the ideas that have appeared in this series of posts. Part of my preparation for those presentations was to find images for a slide show. As I looked back through my photo gallery I was amazed to discover a final stunning synchronicity with the Magenta pomander's arrival.  This one is from the very morning of the Magenta Pomander’s birth.

A magnificent bird appears

I was staying at my mother’s house the day the Magenta pomander was born. As i came downstairs that morning and passed through the living room I saw something which took my breath away. There was a most magnificent bird just outside the window. It was wings were spread as it leaped up as if to fly away. And yet it could not escape, the bird, unable to see the transparent glass border around the balcony, kept flying into this barrier and being knocked back. It was trapped.

I went to get my camera and got this photo. And then, thinking how i could help it, i had an idea. I went out to the front of the house and approached the bird from below, from the other side of the glass. (It is only a 2 metre drop from the balcony to the ground) I came close enough to the bird that I could have reached out and touched it were it not for the glass separating us. Never have i been so close to such a wild and strong bird. Sadly i have no photos from that close-up position, however i did manage to free the bird by placing a blanket over the glass thus enabling the bird to recognise the presence of the barrier. Now it knew it had to fly higher to escape and, with a few strong flaps of its wings, it rose higher and lifted itself away into the blue sky above me.

I had freed the bird. But i could not forget it.  I remained so touched by my close encounter with this magnificent bird, that for the rest of the day I regularly returned to the balcony to look up to the sky. hoping to catch another glimpse of this most impressive bird.

How then do I connect this event with the birth of the magenta pomander? Well the magenta pomander resonates with the space above our head. Applying the magenta pomander draws our attention to the space above our head, increasing our awareness of it. The appearance of the bird that morning caused me to attend to the space above my head with a sense of wonder and hope that whole day long.

A representation of the Soul

There is a further connection between the bird and the magenta. In many traditions birds serve as a symbol - for the soul; for the spirit; for that which is not bound by gravity. A good example appears in the Tarot image for the 9 of Pentacles in the Rider Waite deck. A hooded bird sits on a lady’s arm. I believe the hooded bird is our Higher Self. The message here is that when we are in the consciousness of the Lower Self (Yesod) we are blind to the Higher Self perspective. The Higher Self flies above us in the 8th chakra overseeing the path and choices of our life. In Aura-Soma terminology the Higher Self is the Soul Star, the 8th chakra, the Magenta resonance.

i, Bird-man

Since then i have been happy to observe the themes of magenta, birds  and the Higher Self continuing as a thread in my life. In particular these two pictures which appeared as part of my journey in my Mystery to Mastery course in the autumn of 2016.

As the lower  of these, the Bird-Man picture began to take shape during the class,  i consciously chose to have it resemble the shape of a lower case “i”. At that time I had found some interesting articles on the significance of the use of the upper case “I” and the lower case “i” These ideas extend into law and the framework in which we live as human beings.  Fascinating information. For this article though it is enough to notice that the capitalised I, although it appears larger, is actually the smaller of the two. It is truncated, cut off at the above and the below. It exists in isolation.  The lower case i however has the 8th chakra dot shining above the upright self. This little i extends further. It connects with the greater whole above itself. This imagery expresses what is shown in the Tree of Life: Tiphareth, the Higher Self, floats above Yesod. Higher and lower self are separated by the path of The Tower. Are we in communication with our Higher Self or are we isolated from it? Our concern with our human situation often gets in the way and interestingly my challenge picture in that Mystery to Mastery course expresses this problem in myself.

This lady is shut off, looking out from the shadow, She is framed in a magnificently ornate, yet limiting decoration. (It is in fact the altar surround  of a European church). When my wife saw this picture she said it brought to her mind the sentence from the fairy tale Snow White … “Mirror. Mirror. On the wall. (Who is the fairest of them all?”). This perception feels right. And i can see that my preoccupation with my own situation and condition often takes away from my openness to free flowing inspiration which pulses from above …  This image offers view of the “I” locked into artificial borders, closed to the wider world around it.

The i, the bird man, is the solution to this predicament. He is connected to above. I love that his shirt is stylish and artistic. He remembers, honours and lives the impulse from the space above. The space which the magenta pomander stimulates. The space which that magnificent bird on my mother’s balcony that birth morning brought my awareness.

Teachings of Abraham

I came across these in summer / autumn of 2016 and  the essence of this teaching is very fitting with magenta, the Higher Self, and the Spiritual impulse. The Teachings of Abraham is a channeled work comprising many books. The presentations were the inspiration for “The Secret” the book that popularised the idea of the creative power of your Higher Self. I particularly like the way Abraham talks about momentum. We are told that when we sleep we are closer to our Higher Self, this Higher Self is a well spring of inspiration to live in our life. The more we can allow the momentum of the Higher Self’s inspiration, still with us when we wake up, to carry into our new day the more we will live aligned with our potential. As i write this today I remember reading long ago that Leonardo Da Vinci started his working day with a nap from which he would often receive the inspiration for what he would do that day. This idea can easily be connected with the image of the “i” - remembering the creative source above our head and inviting its blessings into our life.


Glastonbury and Sacred Time

Finally. My course of the moment is called Sacred Time. It is an invitation to live from the 8th chakra. This year it will run in Glastonbury over four days in September. I love the structure of the course. The first day begins in the town marketplace (red). We gather and make our way up, via Chalice Well, to the top of the Tor. At the summit we may connect with that which sits above us. the dot of the i - the seat of the Higher Self (magenta).


During the following three days we return, in stages, day by day, back to the town , As we journey we integrate the magenta soul star impulse into the rhythms of our human life. It is a magenta course and the fruit of much of my different interests over these many years which has now ripened in this magenta time. There are still place on this course and you are most welcome to join us.

Sacred Time 2017

This is the last in this series of posts inspired by the events around the birth of the magenta pomander. I will leave you with the final picture from that autumn  Mystery to Mastery sequence. The Soul Man approaches!