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“I love you enough to let you go” B76

Finding the wisdom in the depths of self that says  “I love you enough to let you go.”

I started with a simple idea, gold represents the soul self, a self that travels through life at peace underneath the ego insecurities. The golden self feels itself enough. It does not need another in order to be complete. This golden self is able to love others unconditionally. The golden self is able to say "I love you enough to let you go." This was my simple thought to share about this phrase and colour combination. However as i sat down to write more ideas came ...


A mother says goodbye to her child

As i read this phrase "I love you enough to let you go" the image of a mother saying goodbye to her child came to my mind. It is the day the child is at last ready to leave the family home and make their own way in the world. The mother is filled with many emotions, sadness for herself and happiness for her child, hopes and fears and yet above all:  “I love you enough to let you go.” This is a fitting image because B76 is in the sphere of Binah in the Tree of Life. This is the sphere at the top of the female side of the Tree -  it is the mother archetype.

Spirit blesses the soul as it steps out into life

At a deeper level though is is not just a mother letting go of her child, The sphere of Binah which holds the feminine aspect of the Divine, shows Spirit as mother sending each soul out into the world. Lady Nada, the essence of unconditional love, is located here too. It is her love which is enveloping and blessing the soul - the gold that is about to step out through Daath and descend down the Tree and into this material world. Why does the soul have to go? Because Maha Chohan who is the other master in this sphere requires  us to evolve, to become our potential. It is the turquoise process of individuation that we talk about in Aura-Soma. The Mother loves us but she has to let us go so that we may grow. This is true in Spirit and also on earth.


Yet the mother loves her children and even as she lets them go she blesses them with love. She hopes that no harm will come to us, that we will always be enveloped in her love. For this the mother can only wish and trust. Trust of course is the name of B76. The mother has to let her children go, bless them with love, and let them go in trust. Trust supports a person to let go of someone even as they love them. 

In what can trust be placed? Can this world be trusted to take care of us? There is a lot of unconsciousness and pain in this world impossible to protect from. So it is better to prepare and strengthen the child to meet the challenges of the world instead. As parents we try to do this more or less, teach them the values we think are helpful, arm them with an education etc.  Yet the most valuable resource of all is often overlooked, it is the consciousness of our soul presence. The gold that was blessed by spirit as it stepped out of the divine. It is the gold that is spirit, is equal to life and all its challenges, it is our ultimate resource.

The gold is our ultimate resource

It is the one to whom “I love you enough to let you go.” was originally addressed, it is the soul that stepped out of spirit. With B76 the gold we are reminded that our gold is loved, is present, is our true nature. We are enough in ourself, we are never alone, we are equal to life.  Remembering this we become an active point of spiritual presence in the world. And as we become this life will become an adventure, a dance, opportunities to experience, to learn, to shine. Www ill not be in fear of losing because we have what we need inside. And so, we in turn will be able to say to the world around us, to each soul we interact with in the dance of life  Now i too am able to say “I love you enough to let you go”


I appreciate phrases that open the door to deeper understanding. “I love you enough to let you go”  is one such phrase. Located in Binah, it can be a mother’s words to her child as it leaves home. It can equally be the thought of Spirit when blessing the soul to leave heaven. In this letting go though there has to be the belief, the hope that things will go well. It is the possibility to trust, the name of B76, that enables the letting go. And so we should understand what is being trusted.  It is the essence of self, spiritual presence, the gold in the base of B76. It  the gold that was and is loved. It is the gold, the soul, that is set out into the sea of life.  It is the gold that is equal to life. It is the gold within that may be trusted, Live in the gold and you in turn will become a lover of the world around you. able to support all those you meet to live their own freedom. "I love you enough to let you go."


There was a synchronicity when i was working on this, as i took a break to go and collect my son Timothy form school. i saw my neighbour working in his garden. i stopped to say hello and commented he must be on holiday today. no he replied, I am retired from working now since this January. He went on to explain ... his mother had died just after Christmas and left him some money, enough that he could retire and be free.  A mother's final gift of freedom to her child!




  1. It is a holiday here in the US and a beautiful sunny morning . . . I had the time and enjoyed reading your words . . . thank you for sharing them . . . as a mother of 2 grown boys (men), thinking of where they are and what they might be doing this morning-your sentiments “rang true”!

  2. Hi Dominic,

    Another piece that I enjoyed! Recently I have had to love my daughter enough to let her go.

    As you know we moved to Brighton in 2014 for a lot of very good reasons. My daughter was left in London but she came down to stay with us every 2/3 weeks and thus we kept in touch and enjoyed her company.

    However, she now has a new boyfriend who lives in Torquay and her life has turned into a question of them living together, albeit one week in Torquay and one week in London. Her job is in London for four days a week, but luckily she can work a fourth day at home and her boyfriend has made an office for her at his house in Torquay so that she can spend a longer part of the week with him when they are in a Torquay week.

    So I now see much less of her and she rues the fact that she cannot see me as much as she used to and says she feels awful about it. But I have told her that I am so happy to see her happier than I have for a very long time and I have vowed to visit her more often in London.

    I will go and stay with them at the end of June in Torquay as she very much wants me to see where she lives down there.

    I think the trust really lies in the fact that if one gives people one loves the freedom they want, then they in turn will not shut you off as they know you have their best interests at heart.


  3. That sounds very positive. Happy for her happiness. That is why i felt the key was the gold in the base … when we are fulfilled within ourself then we do not NEED to hold on to others. Of course we can still love it when they are around. I don’t remember if i mentioned it in the article but gold has been associated with an addictive personality – which seem the natural shadow of fulfilment. If i lack fulfilment then i must find something to fill me from outside … It is of course the emotional level of Malkuth ( 10 of cups) B41 Gold Gold, so in a sense the optimal emotional for us to experience while living upon the Earth.