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B115 – “You are here so you might as well try it”

This is the thought i was with the afternoon of December 1st 2017 as B115 was beingborn. I was working, selling cheese for friends on their christmas market stall. As i looked out at I could see the people who were looking but who hesitated to approach the stand and engage in conversation. I found myself thinking  to them “You are here so you might as well try it.”

Agreeable me

I know their fear well. I have been one of those people myself. Funnily enough I shared exactly this observation about myself in my recent post called  "Vicky Wall and a Life of Meaning" In this article I shared the story of my first meeting with Aura-Soma, a stall at a New Age exhibition in London when I too skirted around the edge of a stand and avoided making contact or being caught in conversation. It sounds strange to act that way now, but I know why i did it. I was afraid that if i started talking i would end up buying something i was not yet sure of.

Why would i do that? Partly because I am very Agreeable. It is one of the Big Five personality traits measured in Psychology. I like to say yes, i like to agree. It keeps me safe, It keeps me a part of the group. This already sounds like an orange theme… being a part of the group.

A deeper red theme

As i think about this today though I also see a deeper dimension at work. I can imagine that in those days I was not grounded enough in myself. My sensitivity, which has alway been attuned to the people and world around me, was not balanced by a confidence in my own rootedness. At a deep level i could say that for me to disagree with someone would be an existential threat… i was not confident in my own strength, i don't mean physically, i mean the question of whether i had the right to even be upon the earth. If I was in disagreement with someone then in my mind it was a very polarised choice. Either i would have to fight, (and i was heavily conditioned not to fight), or i would have to capitulate, surrender, submit or leave. Thus disagreeing was a highly stressful activity for me, and as we can see, it triggers two of the strongest red themes, survival (red) and standing our ground (red).

It is fascinating to note then that when i did approach the Aura-Soma stand the following month at their next London exhibition and I made my first ever Aura-Soma selection, my second choice bottle was B29 - Red / Blue. It shows the difficulty to speak up, (blue in the base fraction), because of survival issues (red) in the top fraction of the conscious mind. This was exactly my challenge.

And i would say it was the same challenge that these shoppers who who resisted approaching the stand today have. They are afraid if they come too close and get involved, they may feel obligated to buy something they are not sure they want or are ready for. They are not confident to be engaging with life and standing their ground.

Colour Healing

Notice how the new colour combination, Orange / Red, brings a healing solution to this challenge in the Red / Blue of B29. The Red moves from the top fraction of B29 to the bottom fraction in B115. The evolution indicated here being that now one is confident of one's place upon the earth. Meanwhile the blue underneath, (suppressed voice), has now transformed into its complementary opposite colour Orange and risen to the top fraction. Orange shows Community. Community is born out of communication. I stand on the earth, and, able to speak my truth, I participate in community.

And so, as this new energy B115, was being born into the world i found myself looking out at these reluctant customers and seeing their situation from an alternative viewpoint. I was thinking … “you have made the effort to come out to shop. Here is something that interests you enough to stop and look. Why not risk coming closer and properly finding out if it is for you or not? You don't need to be afraid”

And, as i noticed this, i also thought about my own position in this scenario;  “I am paid to be here, to reach out to people, to do my best for this product, It is for me to speak up and reach out to these potential customers, invite them to step in.” 

Life support

Thus, without realising that B115 was being born that very afternoon, my growing consciousness of that moment was; dare to engage with life, take the opportunities that life offers you, have confidence that you can stand for yourself. A message for this time and a healing for how i used to be when I first met Aura-Soma. These are my first thoughts for B115 Orange / Red.

© Dominic Yeoman



  1. Love the insight Dominic. My insight after reading was, if you add the number together 1+1+5 = 7 that test of faith to approach and to talk and to either have the courage to say No or capitulate and say YES. Or if we take the other way of the numerology we take 10 +1+5 = 16 The Tower in the Tarot. The courage within the red to let it go or the fear within the orange that if we let it go what will we replace it with. Just my thoughts for today.

  2. This is exactly where I am at the moment. I’m feeling fear with the book but don’t want to spend my life hiding.

    I totally relate to your experience with the need to agree but this brings with it a dilemma — concede and lose your own thoughts and beliefs or stand up and speak out, potentially creating conflict. After all they are only opinions and do we need to bring into the world more conflict and friction.

  3. HiLeysa. Excellent to hear from you. for what its worth i think it is worth to express our view, it helps the world to grow. Lets talk soon.I would like that.And i was very impressed you wrote and published your book.

  4. Hi Dominic, B115 – “You are here so you might as well try it” So kool! This color combination reminds me of Orange/Orange #26 and the idea of Change. There are always so many choices and they are forever inviting one to come along. Focus on the Change and know that the wisdom of Magenta- to be present to the moment- is fundamental to who we are and this will be the guide. The community of consciousness is a part of us all. I find happiness in the “Down-to-Earthness” of this color combination. its invitation to participate each in our own unique way and a sense that we all belong. We are all part of this Change and as long as Earth exists and we are here then it is the way “It is”. A reminder and an invitation from Vicky to All!

    Lots of love, Carol

  5. Hi Carol. Your mention of Magenta is something i too have been considering, i see each new Aura-Soma key product release as part of an emerging story, and this new bottle very definitely follows on from the magenta and pale coral pomanders as introducing a a different (spiritual) dimension into this physical world. Lots of love