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B110 : Until you can love …

"Until you can love what the truth would teach you about yourself... then your love is incomplete."

Though it is hard to explain why I feel this quote is very resonant with the Ambriel bottle. As Pink / Deep Magenta Ambriel appears to offer love as a rescue. Who would say no? It seems like our deepest wish come true.

Yet it is also said that love is already our essence and any lack of love is a barrier that we have placed in its way. And of course we all do create barriers – and the more sensitive you are the more those barriers are needed. The thousand wounds and rejections experienced in early childhood, nearly always  unintended and now mostly forgotten have left their scars.

Depending on our character we deal with our experience as best we can. In my case compensation was the best way. Create conditional love as a substitute for unconditional love. Try to be the best to regain the love that was lost, even if my shining to attract love put others around me into the shadows.

Now the offer of love rescue appears and while it seems like rain to the desert I now realize in order to return to unconditional love, the very conditions I created as my best points, my most worthy and lovable qualities, have become tender and a source of pain. These love-seeking habits are built on the scars of rejection. And to re experience unconditional love the feelings that have been crystallized in these scars have to be felt again. The very pain I sought to bury is revivified as love returns to soften and dissolve the scars in the shadows.

So Truth comes to show where I am incomplete, where I am less than unconditional. The return to completion in love is a journey of felt healing.


  1. Hi Dominique, what a beautiful description, loved it thank you so much.
    That’s exactly how I felt when I used Bottle 110 and that’s exactly what I learned about love.
    Love and Light,

  2. Very beautiful contemplation on the subject, thank you Dominic. It captures the essence of the lessons my own decisions have thought me in the last few years..

    The last paragraph also reminded me of the way the ancient red/greed yin-yang symbol summarises what you just talked about.. Especially if we shine light on the red and the green, the yin and yang parts of the whole show how the truth in the pale green (as part of Hilarion’s message) show into the direction of the heart where the pale pink of true unconditional love resides.

    With love, Kriszti

  3. Hi Dominic!!!

    Love this reflection, when I read it I felt the “click” because -I share it with you-, when I used the bottle I was leaving the same sensations of past experiences, angry, sadness, and after a month I’ve started to feel all the descriptions you’ve wrote. Now I know that to heal you need to re experience them and Ambriel shows it in a different level of consciousness. Thanks to be the one who could translate it for us. Love, Light and Blessings!!