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7 Time to Grow


I drew this image for my son Timothy’s 7th birthday.

Timothy card 7

As i reflect on it it shows me a new dimension of the B7 today. Normally i think of B7 is a decision making bottle, a colour combination which signifies a yellow question of green direction. Yet today i see a different angle with the green leaves of growth rising up around the yellow 7. It suggests the self has come life. It is beginning to grow and evolve.


Rudolf Steiner thought that 7 years old was the age the child was ready to start school and education. Until then he considered the child was better served being in the loving care of its mother and with the security of the family home. With these supports in the first  6 years, the child goes through a rooting process, to the point where the child lives its dynamic energy in a grounded way, "here i am, this is what i love to do." It is beautiful that Aura-Soma's Equilibrium sequence echoes this view. The bottle which precedes B7, B6 is the Red Red. Red is the colour of energy, action and grounding. It is also the colour of the mother and security. The home supports ... the child is grounded and secure ... the foundation is laid. Now at 7 it is  time to emerge as oneself and live...

And Timothy’s birthday …  He had 6 friends to his party and they went to the cinema. He was in the company of his friends more than with mummy and daddy. In fact when they had their party food at home we did not sit down with the children nor did we hover in the background as they ate their food. Timothy is entering a new phase of his life just as the springtime flowers are blooming here in Tetford.

Timothy Daffodills


Sacred Time

These ideas of age, number and Equilibrium are an important part of a special course i have created which i teach once a year at Chalice Well in Glastonbury UK. This year it runs from September 19 - 22 over the Autumn Equinox. You will learn more about this number sequence which we travel through our lifetime, and you will also get to visit the key energetic points in Glastonbury which support living in Sacred Time.



  1. Dear Dominic

    Your knowledge about the numbers and its mystical secrets accompanies me in a wonderful way through my days. Thanks that you divide your discoveries with us.

    In your picture also the flowers show me a 7 – how nice!

    I wish you and your family a beautiful springtime and a lot of joy.